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    Multi-cam editing in CS6

    buraihan Level 1

      Before I send this as a feature request/ bug fix I just want to check that I'm not doing anything wrong. Also after searching the forums I found a thread back from CS5 that outlined the same problem:




      Basically, if I have a multicam source sequence with everything synced up nicely and I do some basic sound tasks (enabling and disabling certain audio clips on various tracks, and matching levels) in that sequence too, it seems impossible to be able to use the "Master" audio track in the multicam target sequence.


      Here are the options as I see them:

      1. Have "audio follows video" turned on for the multicam clip and then only have the audio track that corresponds to the visible video track.

      2. Have "audio follows video" turned off but still only be able to hear one track from the multicam clip.


      Here are the things that I would expect to work:

      A: Alt-click the audio part of a multicam clip and turn off multicam. This should make it into a normal clip and let me hear everything from within the sequence. Doesn't though.

      B: When choosing camera angles on the sound part of a clip, have an item in the Camera angles menu called "Master" or whatever submixes exist.


      Finally, here is my current solution and why it's not ideal:


      Get everything synced up perfectly in the multicam sequence. Then select just the audio tracks and nest them as their own sequence. Then I have just one audio track in the multicam sequence so I can turn "audio follows video" off in the multicam target sequence and use all the mutlicam cutting and switching tools without worrying about what's happening to the audio.

      The only problem with this is that the multicam sequence has to be perfect before nesting the audio or it becomes a headache to make changes to the video tracks and nested audio seperately.


      Seems that muticam editing shouldn't require such workarounds for what, imo, is basic editing functionality.

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Because A doesn't work, my work around has been to do all the multicam cutting first, then drop the multicam sequence into the target sequence a second time on track 2.  Delete the video portion, and move the audio portion from 2 up to 1, overwriting the multicam audio track.  This enables all tracks of audio to come through, as it's now just a normal nested sequence.  Once that's done, I go back in to the multicam original and work on audio.


          The basic idea here is...


          1. Rough cut using multicam monitor.

          2. Fine cut/tweaking in the sequence.

          3. Work on audio.

          4. Add effects.

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            buraihan Level 1

            Interesting. But by dragging in the multicam clip a second time, doesnt that mean that the audio is just one long clip? That would mean you couldn't do any trimming to your rough cut until you've got the all-track audio clip on the timeline right? Essentially in your step 1 you are just cutting angles without ever trimming anything, yeah?

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              Correct.  The tweaking mentioned in step 2 is simply an adjustment of the edit point, not trimming.  That would have to be done after you replace the audio.

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                ExactImage Level 3

                Here is how we work for multicam.  I'm currently cutting 7 angles and 14 audio tracks.....


                1) Create your sequence - lets call this Sequence "A" and sync the footage and audio.


                2) Create your multicam sequence (Sequence 'B') and drop Sequence 'A' on to it.  This gives you 1 video track and 1 audio track.


                3) Holding the ALT key, select the audio track on Sequence 'B' and DELETE it.


                4) Holding the ALT key, select all the audio tracks from Sequence 'A' then Copy / Paste those tracks to Sequence 'B' (ensuring your CTI is at the beginning.


                Now you have a single multicam video track ready for editing PLUS all your audio tracks in the multicam that you can both hear AND edit in the multicam sequence.


                Enable the multicam, cut away as normal and then come back to the audio for edit / sweatening later.


                Once you're happy you can select / copy / paste from Sequence 'B' to any other sequence you want, keeping both the multicam video and the original source audio as you go.

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                  ExactImage Level 3

                  Oh, and one more thing, we tend not to rough cut as much as most people.  at the point of the cut we hit space to STOP, then hit 1,2,3,4 (we changed the short cut back to the older CS5) to select the angle, fine tuning as needed, then hit space to play to the next cut.  So, we're not realy cutting in real time as such, but it's still a very fast workflow because you can tweak your edit point before you hit the angle change and you can always undo it if you decide you did it wrong....


                  Of course, some people like real time by the seat of their pants and fix it later.  I like to get it right first time where possible.

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                    buraihan Level 1

                    Jim and ExactImage, both interesting workflows. I see why you do it that way, though I personally would still like to use nested audio sequences inside the multicam clip to keep things tidy and the audio and video as close to each other as possible. Also, doing it this way, though time consuming at the beginning would mean that when it comes to changing angles and trimming I could work on a single clip and not worry about all the orphan audio files too. More clicking to set things up, but less clicking during the actual editing.


                    All in all though, it seems we are all editing in a very comprimised way to accomodate the software rather than the other way around. I will submit a feature request will my proposed workflow. Be nice if anybody else interested in multicam editing could do the same.

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                      ExactImage Level 3

                      How does putting the audio in a nested clip keep the audio closer to the cut video ?

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                        buraihan Level 1

                        Good point. Poor choice of words. I mean that it keeps it out of the way. Really, both of our solutions are very similar in that we are forced to disconnect the audio part of our multicam sequence and be careful to maintain the sync ourselves. I may try your way if it makes more sense for a specific project sometime.

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                          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                          Guys, workfow for multicam is slightly different in CS6. Did you read the new Help page?
                          http://helpx.adobe.com/content/help/en/premiere-pro/using/editing-multi-camera-sequences1. html


                          To enable more than A1 for audio, you must open the mutlcamera source sequence and enable the tracks you wish to monitor.

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                            buraihan Level 1

                            Thanks for contributing to this discussion Kevin. I think that what we are discussing takes into account the CS6 way of doing things though.