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    Need to Register More Than 6 Devices


      I work for Staffordshire County Council and currently Staffordshire Libraries offer customers the ability to loan eBooks using Digital Editions. Customers are prompted to download Digital Editions & sign-up for an Adobe ID when they request an eBook loan via the web, which works very well for users at home. However I've been asked to look at providing access to Digital Editions on our Public Access PC's within the Libraries allowing users to have access to eBooks directly in the library and maybe also allow users to transfer loaned eBooks to their eReader. It would also allow library staff to be able to demonstrate and publicise eBooks within the library. However, although Adobe provide a stand-alone installer for Digital Editions, I don't think we would be able to offer Digital Editions on our Public Access PC's due to the restriction of limiting authorisation for Digital Editions to a total of 6 devices? Can anyone offer any thoughts on and advise on this?