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    Package deployment issues

    danchapmanme Level 1

      We are experiencing some issues when we deploy our packages. We bundle our java classes in to a JAR which is deployed as part of our component package in the /app/webiste-name/install folder.


      As we increment the version number for our deployment packages a new JAR is added to the install folder when it is installed, so we end up with a number of JAR files in the install folder...



      - core-1.0.1.jar

      - core-1.0.2.jar

      - core-1.0.3.jar

      - core-1.0.4.jar

      - core-1.0.5.jar


      Each time we deploy the package the server creashes. Also, in our previous package installation it appears the class in 1.0.4 was being referenced instead of the latest 1.0.5 core JAR file. We removed all JAR files from the install folder, re-installed the package and the error went away.


      Should we be removing all JAR files from the install directory before installing a new package version? or should we just have the name of the JAR file as core.jar without a version number? or, something else?