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    How to get data from InDesign to mySQL (or vice versa)

    johngordon12 Level 1

      My background is web design, and work on a project which produces a physical guide as well as an online version. A sample page is here:




      So all the guide info here is pulled from a mySQL database created in phpMyAdmin.


      Currently the physical guide is produced in InDesign as an entirely separate process.


      But in the future, the owners are looking to merge the two processes, so that the same data can be used. So presumably export any InDesign data into mySQL or the other way around.


      Currently, off the top of our heads, neither I, nor the InDesign person really knows how to go about this.


      So I'm really posting here to see if its possible in the first place (perhaps by way of CSV or XML), and if so what the best way to go about it might be.


      Hope that makes sense - thanks for any pointers or suggestions.