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    Cache problems with large projects

    Paul Joy (UK) Level 1

      I'm once again having a nightmare with the media cache files generated by Premiere on my Mac. The project I'm working on has 1,250 Canon C300 clips and from thiose premiere creates around 15,000 cache files including both databases and the media itself.


      Whilst Premiere is creating the media cache I can work quite happily on the project but as soon as it completes my probems begin. The first sign of problems are when opening the project and watching the thumbnails appearing on the timeline, all the time the thumbnails for all clips load then I can keep working but after saving the file and re-opening it sometimes not all of the thumbnails will load for the clips on the timeline and as soon as the playhead is dragged over one of the clips which didn't load it's thumbnial the project window will freeze and that the end of my work.


      The only way for me to continue working on the project is to force quit premieir and then manually delete all of the media cache files. When reopining the project the media cache process will start again and I can once again carry on working until the next time I have to save the project.


      Please help Adobe!