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    How to convert mov to avi or wmv




      I just caught a short 30 second clip of my son crawling for the first time with my Canon camera. I want to send the video to my Mom via email however the file is too big. Her computer does not play mp4, which is the only conversion option I found, and walking her through installing a compatible player is useless. So I would like to find out how to convert the mov file to avi or wmv, small enough to email. I just purchased Premiere Elements 10 and never used it. I could not figure out how to do it, so if anybody knows, that would be great.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Does PrE Import your MOV file?


          If so, create a New Project that matches the specs. of that MOV file. What model Canon produced the file? Or, you can run that file through the great, free utility, MediaInfo, and get the full specs.


          Then, I'd Trim the Clip a bit, and Share to WMV, if you are on a PC. If your mom is on a PC, that file should play just fine in Windows Media Player. WMV is a good container for streaming media, and you will have several choices for output. The higer quality setting make the file larger, and the smaller you make the file, the lower the quality. There is no getting around that, but WMV does a good job of looking good, but with higher compression, resulting in smaller files. The AVI container can allow for many CODEC's to be inside, but to get one, that allows for good quality, but smaller file size, will be too involved for your mom, if I read correctly. Go with WMV.


          Now, there are a couple of options, that might be useful:


          You could go for a higher quality file (larger), and then upload that to a service, like YouSendIt. They store the file, and send an e-mail to your  mom. She just goes to the link in that e-mail, downloads the file (do not ZIP it, as that is an extra step, as she would have to Un-ZIP it), and plays it. It is quite simple, and they have some pretty cheap options. I have one of their upper-tier plans, and use it often. I have never had any issue with clients downloading files. There are other such services, but YouSendIt has been great for me.


          Or, you could upload to YouTube, and send mom a link via e-mail. A service, like Vimeo would be good too, and the quality would be a bit better, than YouTube. For specs. on YouTube, see this FAQ Entry.


          Good luck,



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            From Apple discussion, i find a simply solution to convert MOV to WMV or AVI just as below:


            “Many of my friends use iDealshare VideoGo to convert MOV to WMV with high video quality.


            Today i just have a try and find it really works great.


            You can get it and the step by step guide at here How to MOV to WMV, AVI, on Mac or Windows computer.


            It also can convert MP4 to WMV, AVI.


            It even can convert Windows video format like WMV, AVI, ASF, MPG, RMVB to MOV or MP4


            Hope it is what you are looking for”

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              there are many apps that can do MOV to AVI conversion task, like the well-known Handbrake and macx avi video converter (I'm using this one right now). It is very easy to use. you can make the mov files converted to avi through a few clicks:

              1. import the MOV video file;

              2. choose the output format: AVI or WMV

              3. click "Run" to start mov to avi conversion.

              Besides the macx program also lets you add SRT subtitles to the converted video and extract music from the video. I'm satisfied with it very much.

              Hope you like it

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                This is a 2 year old thread that you are posting in. By now J.Ke11y (the originator of the thread) has hopefully made video editing choices.


                What is your problem with Premiere Elements when you use it to export your Timeline content to a file with .mov, wmv, or .mp4 file extension? Why do you need a video converter for what sounds like a job Premiere Elements can do? Instead of export issues, are you having import issues with any of these formats?


                I have taken note that the product that you point to is not free. It would be very helpful if you described the circumstances where

                Today i just have a try and find it really works great.

                How did it work great and what circumstances made you decide that you needed it?


                We would be glad for the opportunity to be of assistance with your Premiere Elements workflow to avoid the need to go to 3rd party software that needs to be purchased.


                Thank you.



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                  From videomaker, I found the following solution:


                  With the surge in Apple's users, QuickTime MOV becomes a more and more popular format. Not only do Apple devices use this format, but so do many famous video sharing websites, for example YouTube, accept MOV as a supported download and upload media format. However, for Windows users, it is a vexing matter to play QuickTime MOV files in Windows Media Player or edit them in Windows Movie Maker, etc, because QuickTime MOV files are not compatible with Windows.


                  To solve this issue, you'd better to convert QuickTime MOV to Windows more compatible WMV format. The following article introduces a step by step guide to help you convert QuickTime to WMV with ease.

                  I tried it and it works like a charm.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    You address your post to J.Kelly who has not visited here since October 2014 and who originated this thread in 2012

                    Premiere Elements offers a variety of exports, including those with .avi, wmv, .mp4 and .mov file extensions.


                    What version of Premiere Elements do you have and on what computer operating system is it running?

                    Please supply more details about your Premiere Elements program and its computer environment, and we will try to help you resolve any Premiere Elements issues which are forcing you to use what appears to be a for purchase 3rd party software for a task that Premiere Elements should be able to handle.


                    Although the download button in your link includes free in its name, it would appear that this converter comes with a price. Please confirm if you are promoting a software the is completely free or one that has a free download and that needs to be purchased after the tryout. Makes a difference.


                    Thank you.






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                      joeyd19223212 Level 1

                      No matter you want to convert AVI to WMV or WMV to AVI, there will be one tool can meet your requirement. It will enables you to convert between all mainstream video formats, including High Definition video like 4K,MKV-HD, AVCHD, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, and regular video AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV, WebM, etc.

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                        I have Adobe Premiere Elements 4. When I click Get Media and try to import my .MOV file, it will not import it.

                        What do I do?  What formats will Adobe Premiere Elements 4 support?

                        Should I convert my .MOV file?

                        If so, how?

                        When I am done editing, I need to submit an MP3 or MP4 file.

                        Does Adobe Premiere Elements 4 save edited files as MP3 or MP4?

                        If so, how do I do it? 

                        Also, I tried to register my Adobe Premiere Elements 4 which I installed in my computer with Windows 10.

                        But I am unable to do this.

                        Is there an online video tor article hat shows me how to do all this?

                        Does Adobe offer any free (or low cost) support?


                        Thank you, Susan

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                          tomashd11213719 Level 1

                          I often use idealshare VideoGo to convert MP4 to WMV to Play MP4 in Windows Media Player.

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                            millyj78978602 Level 1

                            if now, I think many video converters can be helpful. As for me, I think HD video converter factory pro deserves a try

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                              whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                              This topic has gone quiet twice for over a year each time.   The original topic was about how to use Premiere Elements to output a file that could be emailed and played on a computer with limitations. 


                              If there is a question that needs answering it would make sense to start a new topic.