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    Fonts activation priorities

    Transcon Guy

      Hello everydody,


      It seems that InDesign CS5 had introduce a way to automatically activate fonts when a folder is named "Document Fonts" at the same level of an InDesign document. It is right to say no matter the Mac I use, OS or font conflicts I will get the same fonts load?


      Is it right to say the font folder priority if font are missing is:


      1. "Document Fonts" folder beside the application

      2. MyDisk/Applications/Adobe InDesign CSx/Fonts

      3. MyDisk/Users/Me/Libray/Fonts

      4. MyDisk/Library/Fonts


      If fonts conflicts occur, is InDesign priorize the folder order or is looking at attribute of fonts of all availlable fonts. Ex. Choose font that is not a bitmap font...


      I have just read an article of Thomas Phinney about font conflicts and I still have interrogation...




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I don't know waht order ID looks for fonts that are "normally" installed onthe system, but yes, if there is a Dcoument Fonts folder inthe same folder withthe .indd file, the fonts in that folder will be used FOR THAT PARTICULAR DOCUMENT even if the same fonts are also installed on the system.

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            Transcon Guy Level 1

            Thanks Peter. It seems the "Document Fonts" folder load fonts really apart. We can see  in the font menu a categorie "Document-only" is added. I was able to open 2 differents version of a font without conflict.


            I have done a script to know the path of fonts and there is a fifth folder where InDesign takes fonts. So maybe the folder priority is more like:


            1. "Document Fonts" folder beside the application

            2. MyDisk/Applications/Adobe InDesign CSx/Fonts

            3. MyDisk/Users/Me/Library/Fonts

            4. MyDisk/System/Library/Fonts

            5. MyDisk/Library/Fonts


            I don't know how fonts software deals with fonts. Do they simply add and remove fonts from a fonts folder?