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    A question about Flash 5 (Help appreciated)


      Many years ago I bought Macromedia Flash 5, and never got around to doing anything with it.... Lately I've gained a lot of interest in learning how to animate and develop small applications like games and I figured flash would be a good place to start...


      Now I don't currently have to the money to purchase a 600 dollar copy of Adobe CS6, and I'd feel like I wasted a lot of money if I never got to use the version I purchased even if it was like 10 years ago. So I had a few questions to ask before I invest any time into Flash 5


      1. If I learn actionscript in Flash 5, and one day I get adobe flash, will I know what I'm doing? Or will I basically be learning a brand new system of coding


      2. Is it possible to make a moderately complex interactive game with Flash 5? (One with many seperate values for score, health, etc. etc.)


      3. All in all, is it even worth me using such an old version of Flash?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1. Using Flash 5 will not help you with newer versions, though you can work with files developed with it.  Flash 5 is Actionscript 1... manys folks these days recommend people stop using Actionscript 2 which came later in Flash MX 2004 and get with the modern world and use Actionscript 3 which debuted in CS3 and has been enhanced since.


          2. You probably could, though if you have little to no experience don't aim so high for starters.  Chances are you will not be able to match what can be done with new versions.


          3. It really depends what you plan to use it for.  You might also find that it is too old to be able to use if you happen to have a newer machine.


          I suggest you try getting a trial version of the latest release.  It's good for 30 days and has no limitations.  If you are not bitten by the bug early on, chances are you and Flash aren't meant to be.

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            esdebon Level 4

            The language used in Flash 5 is Action Script 2, but the newest is Action Script 3 being the most optimal language. There are still people using Action Script 2, but will eventually have to migrate through 3.
            You want to make games, you can do and if after you get a newer version, you can continue working (in the old version of AS2 code).
            Working with an older version is not as bad, but the true power of Flash Action Script 3 explodes.

            Have you thought about using the cloud and pay only for Flash months, I think it costs 60 dollars per month

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              AS2 originated with Flash MX 2004, not Flash 5.

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                Rothrock Level 5

                Yeah sorry to say Flash 5 would probably be about the worst old version (unless it was Flash 4!) to try and learn actionscript on. Flash 6 and 7 would be better, but the future is AS3. There were big changes in Actionscript between Flash 5 and Flash MX (6). And even more in MX 2004 (7) which was pretty much the pinacle for AS2 coding.


                Like esdebon said AS3 is the future. And if you plan to do much with Flash it would be better to just start with AS3.


                As for animating and timeline stuff without code, there have been changes since Flash 5, but not as many. And the animating timeline skills you learn in Flash 5 will transfer well to newer versions.

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