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    Lighting Effects bug

    dtemplems Level 1

      Every time I open an image and make a few adjustments with lighting effects I get a message that Photoshop has stopped working and after Windows checks to find out why (and can't correct the problem) Photoshop shuts down.  I'm using 64-bit CS6 on a new Windows Ultimate computer.

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Anything particular about the file (size, bit depth, …)?



          Are Photoshop and OS fully updated and have you performed the usual trouble-shooting routines (trashing prefs by keeping command-alt-shift/ctrl-alt-shift pressed while starting Photoshop after making sure all customized presets like Actions, Patterns, Brushes etc. have been saved and making a note of the Preferences you’ve changed, 3rd party plug-ins deactivation, system maintenance, cleaning caches, font validation, etc.)?

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            CS6 Lighting Effect Filter absolutly need a supported GPU Video Card with known working Video drivers without known issues. Begin by checking if your video card has the required memory has been tested by Adobe and your using drivers known to be working.

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              dtemplems Level 1

              I have a NVIDIA GT-545 GPU with the latest driver.  All I have to do is make one move of the lighting effects tool and click on preview and Photoshop shuts down.