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    Issue with output / format / container / codec


      Hey everyone!

      Again, you've always been helpful and I haven't found anything helpful on Google, so, excuse me asking if it's something dumb and obvious. Oh, and before I forget, I'm on a Mac.

      I've been asked to output some files at weird formats and within a certain container, in my attempts to end up with a file with their specifications, I've run into a couple of problems:


      The specifications are:



      The container needs to be .AVI, and the codec should be DIVX. They also asked for: "MBPS: At least 6000".


      The first problem I run into, is that whenever I try to render the 2016 video in After Effects using the H264 video codec, it shows me a "Settings Mismatch" message: "Warning: Output file will be resized from 2016x384 (PAR 1.00) to 2000x384 (PAR 1.00) to meet format constraints.". And if I render it in Animation (which makes the video extremely heavy, of course), when I try to convert it to an .AVI with iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe, its limit is ALSO 2000px. So I've not been successful in getting these files exactly how I want them, for the moment. Any clue on how to handle this?


      The second problem involves the DIVX codec. This is gonna sound really ignorant (because I am, in this aspect), but how the heck do I get it in there? Whenever I convert the file (Using Quicktime 7 Pro or iMedia Converter or Compressor) I end up with a different codec and I have no idea how to get it. And using the DivX converter, I end up with a .DIVX file, which is not what I want. Getting a file with these characteristics seems to be tricky.


      The third problem has to do with the MBPS specification. I know there's a Kbps option that I can tick, but, whenever I play a video with the Inspector on, I see MBPS. Can I alter this when outputting the file from After Effects?


      One last thing that was not one of the main initial problems. I was asked to output a video that will be played on stadium screens. They specified that the separation between LEDs on the screen is 10mm.

      Should I take any special precaution with outputting this file? Any recommendations?


      Sorry for asking so many things, but I've never worked with files like these. I sincerely hope you can help me out.

      Thanks a lot for your time!!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You already have lost: You are on a Mac. Sorry for the bad news, but that's just not gonna work. DivX on Mac is completely different from how it works and behaves on PC and chnaces are you will only end up producing an incompatible file. You really need to have a PC somewhere in there which for all intents and purposes could be a virtualized one running in Parallels on your Mac or a genuine secondary Windows OS using Bootcamp. Then you have plenty of free tools at hand - anything from VirtualDub to ffmpeg and its various UI applications. Your resolution can be attained by setting your MPEG level to 5.1 and thus removing the constraints, for H.264 at least. Not sure about DivX, since I'm not up on all the latest. I believe, though, that this is only possible with their commercial 2k+ and 4k coDecs, not the standard free generic CoDec. Likewise, the availaility of these CoDecs would somewhat determine the data rates. Not sure what specific problems you have, but 1Mbit is still 1000kbit, so you should be able to do the math. The resolution/ spacing of their LED wall doesn't need concern you. Pixels are pixels and for video they are mapped 1:1. If they need to skip any lines or adjust positioning, that's entirely up to their playback software and hardware.



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            zer0hvk Level 1

            I do have a Windows partition on my Mac, so, can render it in After Effects from there? Or should I just convert the video itself using a converter tool?

            I've been trying for what now is, a couple of days to no avail (on Mac, at least).

            I used some converters but for some reason their resolution limit is 2000, and my video is 2016.

            I'm gonna try to convert it on Windows later. If there's anything any of you guys know that could help me out, please mention it.

            Thanks again!!