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    image not found on publish

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      I have an issue with an image that doesn't appear on one of the publish instances.  I put an image on a page, published the page (and the image) and it's working fine on one publish instance but not on the other.  In firebug we can see that we get a 404 on the image request.  I don't know exactly how this happened, but I do know that this publish instance was not running when the page and image were activated.  I did try to reactivate both the page and the image again, but this doesn't seem to help.  So now I'm trying to understand how the image rendering actually works in CQ.  In my page the link to the image is something like this: /content/marketing/en/_jcr_content/promocarousel/slide0.img.jpg.  When I check this slide0 node in CRXDE I can see that it has a file reference to the correct image in the DAM, and that image is also correctly published to the publish instance.  Now what I don't find anywhere is what the .img.jpg selector is actually doing.  I would imagine that this is some kind of servlet that is rendering a version of the image in the context of the page.  But why isn't this happening in my case?  There are no errors to be found in the log files, it's just like there's a resource missing somehow, but I don't know which one.  Any thoughts anyone?


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      PS: This is on CQ5.4 and we're also using the dispatcher 4.1.0 (but I've also tested directly on port 4503 bypassing the dispatcher).