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    What's the "right" way to create a News list in CQ5.4?


      Hey folks,


      I'm a brand new CQ developer and, though I've done a lot of reading, I'm still in the dark on how to do a few things.

      I'm currently working on a corporate website, and I need to build a News page. Each article contains a title and rich text (possibly including embedded images, videos, etc...), and the News page itself should display a paginated list of recent article summaries (with "read full article" links). I also need to show the two or three most recent article summaries on the site's front page, under a News heading.


      I thought there'd be a pre-built component to cover this case, since most corporate sites include a News page of some sort, but I haven't found one. Am I missing it? I looked into the Blog page template, but I think that adapting that may be overkill.


      I think that the right way to do this would be to build a News component with a Title and Rich Text field in the edit dialog. New articles could be created by dropping these components into the parsys of the News page. I could then create both a .html and a .summary view for the components and use a customized List component to display the summary list on the front page. Am I on the right track here, or am I overcomplicating it?




      - Michael