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    None of the comments...contained in structure tree and other errors


      1.  When running the "full check" accessibility report following creation of a PDF from MS Word, I get the following error for every page that has a header and footer:

                None of the comments or other types of annotations on this page are contained in the structure tree.

      I've created other PDFs in the same way with similar headers and footers and never had a problem with the headers & footers.  There were no comments or tracked changes or similar in the MS Word document when I converted it.

      When I use "find" in the Tags window:

           Artifacts - it "finds" every header & footer

           Umarked Annotations, Unmarked Links:  it finds the "Doc ID:  " text from every footer

           Ummarked Content:  points to each row of text, line, and blank line in headers & footers (individually) of each page

           Unmarked Comment & OCR Suspects:  nothing found


      2.  It tags the "Doc ID:  " text in the footer on some pages as an "Inaccessible link" (it's not a link and why only some pages???)


      3.  Tab order may be inconsistent with the structure order - I received 3 of these even though I marked every page with "use document structure" (we have found the defaults don't work, so we have to mark every single page - and this particular document is 180 pages long!)


      Does anyone have any idea WHY I'm getting these errors?  I'm following our process that has worked successfully on all other documents!


      Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro (9.5.1) - No updates available.

      Windows XP

      Created:  MS Word 2007 using Acrobat add-in; Acrobat ribbon --> Create Adobe PDF tab --> Create PDF