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    Strange issue with left mouse clicking freezing other inputs on the Mac

    GameViewPoint Level 1

      I'm having a strange issue with my game. I'm using Flash CS6 and a Mac.

      I've got a character that I move around the screen with keys, and you can click the left mouse button to make him throw something. The weird issue is when I click the left mouse button a lot, it seems to stop any other inputs from coming in, so for example, if I hold the right arrow key down while I'm doing a left clicking, and then let go of the right arrow key, the character will keep on moving right for a few seconds, until it finally get's the key_up event and stops.

      Even not using any mouse event handlers, so the mouse is doing nothing in the game still causes the key inputs to be delayed just by left clicking, any ideas?

      I've just tested the .swf on a PC and there was no problem, the mouse clicking was not causing any issues, so it's something peculiar to the Mac.