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    Downloading video from Sony to Premiere using i-link


      I have a Sony Handycam TRV-480 ("Digital 8" camera.


      I have a firewire card with 3 ports on my computer and I hook up my camera with one of these ports.


      I close the windows app that fires up and starts premiere elements 10. Open a "project".


      I select "Import Media" and the first camera type "DV video".


      I start the camera and set it to playback mode.


      In the window that opens I can occasionally (when I click "Import") see that the camera starts rolling the video but after a short while it all stops and I get a message that no video was sent to the PC.


      I have looked through the camera manual and found nothing  in the terms of settings that I could change. I am very confused.


      The firewire card is apparently working as is the cable.