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    sync issue with CS6 Mac and Kona

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      Here are three more problems vexing me.  The sync between A & V goes in and out on my external monitor driven by a Kona LHi.  Stopping and restarting playback often fixes it.  But, stopping to edit, and hitting play again often results in out of sync condition.


      Secondly, audio is very often choppy upon first instantiating playback.  Stopping and starting again fixes it... until next time I hit Play.


      Thirdly, with external monitoring enabled, the CTI lags the external monitor by quite a bit.  The CTI line passes over edits and waveforms about a second after I see and hear them on the external monitor.  That's a lot. 


      Disabling external monitoring fixes this.


      Workaround: Map a keyboard shortcut to the Video Playback Pref dialog, and uncheck the Kona pref to do any audio editing.  Do the reverse to re-enable external monitoring.


      Naturally, I lose a lot of time by constantly going into the prefs to check and uncheck this setting, and to stop and restart playback.  None of these are job-killers, but they are productivity killers, and they give my clients in the room a good opportunity to bash Adobe, and ask, "Now, why was it again you stopped using Avid and FCP?"  I do my best to defend Adobe, assuring the naysayers that Adobe will get it right on the next update, fingers crossed behind my back.


      Here's a problem facing people like me:  External video monitoring relies on four vendors: Apple, Adobe, nVidia and AJA (BMD, etc.).  Getting a scrupulous admission of a shortcoming from any of these companies seems elusive, if not downright Sasquatch-esque in potential.


      I'm starting to get the "fool me twice" feeling after the practically bogus CS5.5 external monitoring debacle.  I bought the Quadro exclusively to run Pr.  I updated to Lion exclusively to use an external monitor with Pr.


      I really hope, plead, wish and entreat Adobe to take an ethical position here, and tell us what combination of hardware, drivers and software has resulted in a rock-solid editing experience for them on the Mac platform.



      MacPro3,1 - 32G RAM - 10.7.4 - nVidia Quadro 4000 with stock OS driver; latest CUDA update - CS6 - Pr 6.0.1 - ATTO R680 SAS RAID5 (>1GB/s reads and writes) - Kona LHi with 10.3.1 (latest) CP & driver

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          rexpost Level 1

          I too am bothered by the out of sync external monitoring on initial playback then

          stopping and playing it is in sync.


          I'm on black magic hardware and have that same exact issue which

          leads me to believe its a mercury transmit issue more than a card

          vendor issue.


          I'm tired of having to explain it to my clients in supervised sessions.

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            needles27 Level 3

            Jim, I'm with you on this. (as well as the other mac issues...)

            I never got a response from AJA about the lag issue and audio issue other than to turn down the bit depth...which didn't work.  I am seeing everything you mention, and while some of it is just annoying, the rest actually causes real issues when editing.  When I sync audio from a second device, I start to second guess myself when monitoring through the AJA hardware.  How come there was never a hint of a problem with external monitoring with AJA hardware while working in FCP for years, but Adobe is still tinkering?   


            After poudning my head against the table over the past year or so after switching to Pr...crashes, workarounds, unfulfilled promises...I think there is no such thing as rock-solid editing on the Mac platform with Adobe yet.  Sure, we only here from the disgruntled here on the forums, but I think it is pretty pervasive. 


            It is only because the promise is so great and the alternatives are not that I am sticking with it, with the hopes that it will come together.  This monitoring issue as well as the Serious Error issue is maddening.



            MacPro4,1 - 32G RAM - 10.7.4 - nVidia GTX285,  latest CUDA update, Pr 6.0.1, Internal RAID,  Kona LHi with 10.3.1.

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              Jim Curtis Level 3

              needles27 wrote:


              How come there was never a hint of a problem with external monitoring with AJA hardware while working in FCP for years, but Adobe is still tinkering?  


              I know this was rhetorical, but I suspect the answer is because Adobe chose to maximize GPU usage, external monitoring is a band-aid they decided to add later, and that the two options are fighting one another for resources.  Perhaps a solid solution will materialize by trashing our Quadros and buying one of the GPUs that has an SDI pipe on it.  That way, nVidia can do the work, Adobe can relax, and AJA can seek other markets. (In that scenario, AJA certainly has an interest in getting this working.  But, considering how well AJA products work with Avid and Apple, I'm inclined to exculpate AJA from being the weak link here.)


              When you consider that Avid and Apple have been able to deliver solid performance using AJA (etc.), it seems clear that it's the GPU, which the others don't use in as significant a way, that's the glaring difference.


              If it turns out that Adobe led us down the garden path on this, and we're going to need to buy a new GPU, I do hope they have the courage to admit their reach exceeded their grasp, make a public apology, and perhaps even offer to share in the cost of crossgrading hardware to something that works for those who bought on the basis of claims made.

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                Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                Have you guys contacted AJA tech support? That's what I always did when troubleshooting problems with their hardware: http://www.aja.com/en/support/

                Have you filed a bug report? http://www.adobe.com/go/wish

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                  Run & Gunner

                  I too have experienced the exact same issues with Black Magic Intensity - not a high end card by any means but it worked absolutely flawless with FCP7 for years. I do remember a rocky beginning however as it took a revision or two for Black Magic to get the Mac drivers right.


                  Right now the situation is that I just gave up on third party monitoring after editing 2 paid projects. I'm just using the broadcast monitor as a computer monitor and sending the video signal there. It certainly fixed all the flaky stuttering and sync issues.


                  Now the issue I'm having is that the Premeire's audio is slightly out of sync with my MacPro's digital audio out. I even checked the headphone jack and it's out of sync too! C'mon man, what's up with that!


                  If the next update isn't ready for the real world then I'm heading on over to Avid (who literally cuts "the Real World").


                  Let's hope Adobe get's it done.


                  MacPro 5,1

                  Quadro 4000

                  Intensity Pro

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                    Zac Lam Adobe Employee

                    Jim, needles27,


                    Just to confirm, in Preferences > Audio Hardware, you don't have it set to the AJA option (e.g. "AJA LHi"), do you?.  That setting should be left to "Built-in Output".  AJA has this documented in their release notes:

                    AJA KONA and Io Core Audio drivers are not used in Premiere Pro. The Core Audio driver will show up in the Premiere Pro Audio Hardware selector, but users should instead select the Premiere Pro default audio device. If the Core Audio driver is selected, some audio problems may occur. See the the AJA Adobe Plug-ins manual for more information on setting up the audio output in Premiere Pro.




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                      rexpost Level 1



                      what about black magic cards?


                      how do we fix the delay on initial playback?

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                        Zac Lam Adobe Employee

                        Hi rexpost, since Jim started this thread for the 3 AJA Kona issues, Blackmagic issues could be quite different.  To avoid confusion, can you use a separate thread for the Blackmagic issue(s) you're seeing?  Not sure if either of these match what you're seeing:



                        Let's keep this thread about the original issues Jim described.  Thanks.