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    Large Memory Usage in Flash Player 11.3.300.257


      Jeromie Clark wrote:



      You should see two FlashPlayer_11_3_300_257.exe processes.  This is how Protected Mode in Firefox works.  It does *not* double memory usage. 




      Having two FlashPlayerPlugin_11_3_300_257.exe processes may not double memory usage but your 'low-integrity heavy-lifter' process definitely has massive memory usage issues that need fixing.


      As I type, this process is using 792MB of RAM all by itself.


      Before the Flash update, Firefox's own 'plugin-container.exe' only ever used under 200MB at the very most  This is clearly unacceptable memory hogging by your new Flash process.

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          As the issue you're describing is distinct from the problem in the previous discussion, I've branched this into a new discussion so we can discuss it in more detail.


          Flash Player will use a percentage of your available memory.  It also has a garbage collection system that kicks in periodically, and we should not make your system crash or swap to disk excessively.


          If you've seen a significant increase in memory usage on a particular site between Flash Player 11.2 and Flash Player 11.3, or memory usage that grows indefinitely, that may be indiciative of a problem and we'd definitely want to investigate.


          If you can point us to specific links that demonstrate this issue, we'd be happy to take a look.



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            ash2020 Level 1

            This is the first page that I noticed racking up the high memory usage. I also experienced freezes (which is what got me looking at the task manager in the first place). Try opening all the different categories (e.g. Crime & Thrillers, Action & Adventure) in separate tabs.




            On a different note, in my opinion hogging a percentage of RAM is fundamentally uncool. Take only what you need. If I'm browsing but also doing something more RAM-heavy in the background, I don't want to be losing hundreds of unecessary MB of RAM to the Flash plugin.





            Firefox 13.0.1

            Windows 7 64bit

            8GB RAM

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              ash2020 Level 1

              Just updated to Flash 11.3.300.262


              The same issues still occur.

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                jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                In looking into this, what I see is normal operation.  You have 8GB of RAM available on your system, so we're talking about 10% of your available RAM.  Flash Player renders the content that providers write.  Resource usage is entirely dependent on what content authors are doing.  We do have some hard limits where we start trading off performance for memory consumption, but they're well above 10% of your system resources.


                When looking at audible.co.uk, what I'm seeing is that they load up 26 copies of their audio player and a couple SWFs for analytics, just on the Action & Adventure page. using about 75MB of RAM.  I also believe that each of those players is pre-caching the audio sample.  I don't see a media request happen after I click, and playback is instantaneous.  This pre-cached content would be stored in RAM.  The important part here is that the RAM is freed, once the tab is closed.  We use the necessary amount of RAM to render the content with good performance, then release it when we're done.  This is how software normally operates.


                When you load three tabs of audible content, you'll see that you've got more like 75 copies of their audio player simultaneously loaded, and a dozen SWFs for analytics, consuming about 225MB of RAM.  For grins, I loaded all of the categories, and capped out around 850MB.  RAM decreased proportionally as I unloaded each of the pages, and the Flash Player processes released all of their resources and unloaded when I closed all tabs with Flash content.  Again, this is normal behavior.


                By contrast, you can see that something like http://www.homestarrunner.com/intro.html consumes about 16MB of RAM, for a long vector animation with sound.  It's really all about what you're doing on the page, and how you author your content.


                We *are* very concerned about memory leaks.  If, for instance, Flash Player never released that memory after you closed the tabs, something would be wrong, and we'd want to fix it right away.  That's not what's happening here.


                If you're uncomfortable with the resources used by Flash Player, you could always use a plug-in like NoScript or FlashBlock to make the movies load on demand.  This would probably disrupt some of the typical browser experiences that just work, but you'd have much greater control over the use of your system resources.

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                  I am having the exact same memory issues. Firefox has been performing terrible since the update to 11.3, it freezes a lot. Is there a way to go back to a more stable older version?

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                    I am also having the same problem using sites like last.fm and grooveshark.  And probably others but those are the two I've been using the most since I updated a few days ago.  Even after closing browser tabs that have flash on the pages, the resources are not released.  In fact, one time I closed all browser windows completely, watched the process for like ten minutes and it actually GREW.  o_O

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                      I don't think this is new, but maybe it got worse from what I read about the 11.3 so I will stay with the

                      I did update (actually did it without asking me as a new feature?!) FF 13, but it's was like this in the last few month.

                      It's not that FF uses 400-600mb memory and then plug-in container right now says 260mb (660mb peak workings set vista), but it does crash and freeze the computer if I don't watch it. ( I have 4gb mem)

                      I just changed from ad-aware to AVG because of problems and this AVG comes up and tells me to restart FF because it is using too much mem. that's nice, maybe useful.

                      I did delete Flash memory, java memory, nothing seem to help, but I don't know which of these 3 may be causing it.

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                        Jeromie - the issue is not "does the flash player release the memory when closed", the question is why does 11.3 have a constant memory leak with some flash applications, a leak that's not present in 11.2.  The fact that the 1GB the flash player leaked is returned to the OS when it crashes doesn't help me much.


                        What I am seeing is a constant increase in browser memory utilization with time using 11.3.300.257 and 11.3.300.262 on certain flash applications.  Our apps are access controlled, but if you want to replicate, I can give you access if you contact me flashbug (at) vanderberg.fastmail.fm.


                        I've taken the analysis even further and profiled our app, using the 11.3 version of the debug flash player and Flash builder's profiling tools.  Even though browser memory utilization continually increases with time, the profiler detects no increase in actionscript object counts or actionscript memory utilization - so the leak is in the player, not our app.  This is consistent with the fact that our app behaves just fine in 11.2 flash player, with no increase in browser memory utilization.

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                          I play games on Facebook using Firefox.

                          When you start FF there are no Flash processes running. If you play a game on Facebook there are now 3 Flash processes running where there used to only 1.

                          Also with the Flash 11.2 plug in when you closed the game you were playing on FB the plug in process would close. Now when you close the game with the 11.3 plugin all 3 process continue running.

                          If you want specific  examples, I see it playing Treasure Island and Hidden Chronicles.

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                            pwillener Level 8

                            Can you provide a link to these games?

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                              SwoozyQue Level 1

                              Both of the above games are available at Zynga.com, but I play them thru Facebook.

                              Any link I would give you would take you directly to my game.

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                                pwillener Level 8

                                Finally found the links myself: http://www.facebook.com/ztreasureisle & http://www.facebook.com/HiddenChronicles


                                Yes, I see some increased memory usage in the plugin container, but it disappears as soon as I leave the game.

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                                  SwoozyQue Level 1

                                  Yes, memory useage does release when the game is closed.

                                  I guess the point at least I'm trying to make is why on 11.3.300.262 plugin do we now have 3 processes running for Flash when there used to be 3? And why aren't these process closing when the game is closed, as they used to in 11.2?

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                                    I have observed that flash player indeed is using all RAM of my system and causing a lot of delays in other applications and in my use of my computer. This is happening, for example, after I access for a while an internet TV channel, like 'France 24' (http://www.france24.com/en/aef_player_popup/france24_player#) or 'All Jazeera' (http://www.aljazeera.com/watch_now/), both from Google Chrome and Opera. (I haven't tested other browsers.) When this happens and I go other application, or even to another webpage already opened in the same browser, the system (Win XP) makes very long searches in the HD to get the data. These searches on the HD take much more time than if I downloaded the page directly from the website, but once it begins, what I only know after trying to go to the pre-opened page, this option does not exists more. And, while the system is searching in the HD, everything turns very slow and even to open the 'Task Manager' has become a problem.


                                    I have already tryed to configure Flash player to limit its usage of RAM, but this option is not available neither from the Flash Player entry on the 'Control Panel' nor in the 'Configurations...' line available clicking with the 2nd mouse button at a Flash Player screen on the browser.


                                    Do I have a way to prevent this terrible problem (other than to not use Flash Player) ? Thanks.

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                                      jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                                      There are two FlashPlayer_*.exe processes under normal circumstances.  One is a thin broker layer, and the other is the low-privilege process that actually renders the Flash content.  They *should* close after you exit Firefox.  If you're curious about the details on the implementation and the reasoning behind it, this is a great resource: http://blogs.adobe.com/asset/2012/06/inside-flash-player-protected-mode-for-firefox.html


                                      I have observed that in some situatons, you can get into a state where the browser has exited, but we don't shut down.   I've seen that sometimes firefox.exe exits, but plugin-container.exe and FlashPlayer_*.exe are hanging out -- sometimes it's just one or both FlashPlayer_*.exe processes.  Those failure states are probably distinct problems, but the net result is that it's possible to get into a state where we have an orphaned process hanging out. 


                                      One you re-launch the browser, we spin up a new broker and player process, so you see the active ones and the orphaned one.  You should only ever see the two processes under normal operation.


                                      I don't have a consistent set of reproduction steps for this problem.  If anyone does, I'd definitely like to hear about them.


                                      I've filed the following bug to see if we can implement some proactive mitigations for this in the short-term:

                                      https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=3265588 -  FlashPlayer_*.exe Processes can be orphaned after Firefox.exe process exits

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                                        I have the same the same problem, but in my case the version is 11.3.300.262,


                                        I observed that everytime i navigate through a video the memory usage increases by 5MB or more, every click on the navigation bar of the flash player causes memory to increase the plugin crashes.


                                        The max memory that i have seen it using is about 900MB, but most of time it stops at around 700MB to 800MB


                                        My computer has a 1.7 core 2 duo processor with 4gb of memory on a Windows 7 32-bit system, the explorer i use is FIrefox 13.0.


                                        Hope this can help to identify the problem.

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                                          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                                          Unless the memory is not released when you close your browser, this sounds like normal operation.  All software on your computer consumes memory when in operation.


                                          I'm unclear on what you mean by "the navigation bar of Flash Player". 

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                                            SwoozyQue Level 1

                                            The memory is releasing when you close the browser.

                                            I went back to plugin 11.2 in Firefox. If I play a flash based game the plugin container process opens, when I stop playing the game, plugin container process closes.

                                            This is not happening using 11.3 plugin on FF.


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                                              I too have seen an excessive amount of memory leaked by this version. I have 2gb of Ram, and flash uses 450mb on a single tab in firefox. The 11.2 plugin rarely exceeded 200mb. The facebook application is hidden chronicals. It is true that when I close the tab, the memory is released to the system. However, it is next to impossible to play the game when flash uses this much ram.


                                              My system overhead uses 38% ram (778mb)

                                              Add this to Firefofox with 1 tab on hidden chronicals uses between 8-9% ram (170mb)

                                              Flash plugin uses 22% ram (450mb and climbing)


                                              I downloaded a 3rd party memory cleaner, and set the program to purge the memory when it reaches 65% in use. This causes flash to purge 2/3 of its leaked memory. At this point the system becomes usable again!


                                              Seeing as this is an ongoing, and unresolved issue with Flash, it is my recomendation to add a configurable option that limits the amount of ram the plugin uses. Add this tab to the global settings so the end users can better manage their pc's memory.


                                              If you need to see a working example, I would be willing to do a webex with adobe's support.

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                                                chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                                                I'd definitely recommend creating a new bug report on this at bugbase.adobe.com.  Please be as descriptive as possible with the steps to reproduce and the results that you are seeing.  Once completed, please post back with the bug URL or number so that others affected can add their votes and comments.

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                                                  SwoozyQue Level 1

                                                  What's sad is that I got a Flash Update yesterday, but it doesn't tell you it's for the Flash Plugin. So I updated and now I'm stuck with the latest Flash 11.3.300.270.

                                                  I wanted to go back to 11.2 plug in but it seems to have been pulled from sites like FileHippo.

                                                  Also find it funny that 11.3.300.270 was given to us as an update, but yet Adobe site itself still lists .268 as the latest build. What gives?


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                                                    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                                                    You can find previous versions of Flash Player on our Archive page.  However, when downgrading I suggest reviewing the notes in this FAQ first:


                                                    How do I revert to a previous version of Flash Player?


                                                    11.3.300.270 was indeed a unique release, if you are interested in why it wasn't available on http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer please see this announcement post:


                                                    8/2/2012 - Flash Player 11.3 Update


                                                    However, we released 11.3.300.271 today to fix a security issue, and this build should be available everywhere:


                                                    8/14/2012 - Flash Player Security Update

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                                                      SwoozyQue Level 1

                                                      Thank you for the explanation Chris.

                                                      I sure hope this update solves some issues.

                                                      I play games on FB, usually using FF, but 1 of the games (Treasure Island) I'm having to use Chrome because the graphics are messed up on FF.

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                                                        SwoozyQue Level 1

                                                        Well, Flash .271 has solved no issues. As a matter of fact my Firefox has started crashing again as it did like 2 Flash builds ago.

                                                        Most all my games on FB the graphics are bad and choppy.

                                                        I'm having to use Chrome for FB.

                                                        Not sure what Adobe is trying to do, but Flash 11.3, especially the plugin has gone from ok to worse since it went from 11.2 to 11.3.

                                                        Adobe really needs to look into these issues.


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                                                          chris.campbell Adobe Employee


                                                          Have you given our Flash Player 11.4 beta 2 a try?  If you install it, give it a few hours and it should update automatically to our latest beta (which is more recent than beta 2.)


                                                          8/7/2012 - Flash Player 11.4 Beta 2

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                                                            SwoozyQue Level 1

                                                            Thank you Chris.

                                                            I managed to download the non IE build of 11.4 Beta 2 and I see an improvement in game play so far. Still have to give it a run for its money.

                                                            I can't use the 11.4 Beta 2 (IE) because there seems to be issues with it and our AOL Beta Chatroom on the AOL 9.7 client. And since I'm an AOL Beta Tester I can't not use the chatroom.


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                                                              Chris et'al,


                                                              I see at least three different issues here:


                                                              1. People seeing other graphics (e.g. Video, TV, games etc) performance significantly decreasing when Flash is active.
                                                              2. People see significant increase in memory usage in 11.3 and 11.4
                                                              3. People see sluggy/sticky overall performance when Flashu is running heavy apps.


                                                              Here are my finding this far:


                                                              Case 1: Decreased overall performance when Flash or any other UVD application is running


                                                              • If you're running AMD/ATI Radeon series graphics, you're likely seeing the symptoms of Radeon series GPU BIOS/firmware "feature" which happens with _every_ application using the UVD ("Univeral Video Decoder"). I call this bug even some resist it, as this feature causes the GPU core clock and memory speed to drop to about half (depending on GPU model). I managed to isolate this problem only week or two ago, and since the firmware patch I did, these sympotms have _all_ disapearred. See end of this message if you need more detailed explanation how to fix this problem.
                                                              • This problem can't be fixed with driver update (now or never) as it is a GPU BIOS issue. I have asked AMD if they plan to provide a generic patch for this but I haven't received any answer yet.
                                                              • If you are running NVIDIA and you see similar behaviour, make sure that you're running the most recent drivers.


                                                              Case 2: Increaseed use of memory


                                                              • I can confirm that 11.3 and especially 11.4 uses significanlt more memory than older versions.
                                                              • This is not correlating with Protected Mode Enabled/Disabled. Aka in both modes there are some excess memory usage cases.
                                                              • For example in 4GB system the memory usage varied in between 20-25%, and in my test with other application cases, 25% launched some serious random "hard fault sessions" trying to maintain the balance in between Free/Standby/Modified lists. Espacially when the paging started, as you can guess when modified list was needed by other applications, the reponse times were from h*ll.
                                                              • IMHO: It seems like Flash is trying to do some sophisticated working set trimming, which is always a good intention. I'd still recommend taking a more detailed look to that, and possibly provide some user level parameters to help me to decide how much memory I wish to allow for Flash application(s).


                                                              Case 3: Flash 11.3 and 11.4 delivering reduced overall browser performance


                                                              • This has been a real bugger and I just don't have more time to look at it. Anyway, this is not directly connected to Case #2. I verified this with different CPU and memory configurations thus at least to me #2 and #3 are separate issues -- even though there might be a common root cause behind them, I have no evidence for that now.
                                                              • The problem description roughly is following: The Firefox windows/tabs respond slowly to any attempted controls. If FF is at the background, it may take 10s of seconds, in some cases even 2-3 minutes to respond to request and come to top and activate any controls. All requests using any user controls such as scrolling or opening new tab or anything similar is responding very slowly.
                                                              • Even though the documentation claims that the threads are runnin low priority, they are definitely blocking user level activity. I wonder if somekind of resource, locking or IPC related conflict has this effect to user basic priority levels as well.
                                                              • Interesting finding was that when I funneled Flash related threads to two dedicated cores (2 of 4), the overall performance seen by user improved. See above.
                                                              • In this case I will expect to Adobe team put some more effort to verifying where the problem might be.
                                                              • Interesting finding here is that both Waterfox and Firefox with Protected Mode disabled deliver significantly better performance that does not have an impact to case #2 or #1 at all aka the memory consumtion and video performance problems with other problems are another issue here.


                                                              I'll test later today the most recent beta [Checked: No Beta versions available].


                                                              For Case1: See further details in http://techlogon.com/2011/08/11/shockwave-flash-crashes-in-google-chrome/




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                                                                adobe_user875 Level 1


                                                                I seem to have this problem too.  I didn't know it was flash causing it untill recently. Whenever i'm watching something in flash, it starts to hog up all my computers memory (up to 2.5 GB) . I've tried using IE, Firefox, WaterFox and Chrome and every time the behaviour is the same.  I've uninstalled all Adobe products and reinstalled just Flash and getting the same problem.   Please help.... only way I can surf the web right now is without flash enabled.


                                                                Appreciate you help.

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                                                                  jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                                                                  This behavior is mostly likely content specific. 


                                                                  Can you point me to the URLs that exhibit this behavior? 


                                                                  Also, are you browsing the web with a single tab, or lots of simultaneous tabs?  Each tab consumes resources. 

                                                                  • 30. Re: Large Memory Usage in Flash Player 11.3.300.257
                                                                    adobe_user875 Level 1

                                                                    example sites are : http://www.secondgeargames.com/word-bubbles-for-kids  and anything on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3ZrLDm_cXc&feature=g-vrec

                                                                    I don't think it's content related, because my work laptop (32 bit Windows XP) doesn't have this problem. It happens on my home computer which is 64bit.


                                                                    I'm browsing in single tab when it happens.

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                                                                      chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                                                                      I gave both of these sites (individually and at the same time) a try on IE9 on Win7x64 and my memory usage was around 200MB.


                                                                      11-7-2012 5-06-52 PM.png

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                                                                        jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                                                                        I saw the same thing in Firefox 17 with Flash Player 11.5.502.110 yesterday.  I ran performance monitor with 30-second samples for a couple hours and did not see any net gain in memory over time.


                                                                        I'd make two recommendations:

                                                                        1.) Upgrade to the latest available Flash Player, which you can get from here: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer

                                                                        2.) Upgrade to the latest available version of your browser.


                                                                        If you continue to see this behavior, please let us know.  Be specific about the player, browser and OS versions you're using.  If this is a problem, we definitely want to address it; however, we need enough information to reproduce it.



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                                                                          Sorry for restarting this but I am seeing spikes in excess of 1million K for one of the flashplayer plugins when I am on duelingnetwork.com, this is a recent issue on the most recent flash player 11.5.something and I am on Firefox 17.0, using windows 7 64-bit.


                                                                          On google chrome one of the google chrome proccesses climbs up steadily until it reaches around the million mark and it crashes (Flashplayer, google chrome insists). Is this a flash player problem or the problem of the website, once again though this is a recent issue.


                                                                          Please and thank you


                                                                          P.s In the time taken to write this post (wth dueling network idle in the background) flashplayer has climed from 93000k to 211000k

                                                                          • 34. Re: Large Memory Usage in Flash Player 11.3.300.257
                                                                            SwoozyQue Level 1

                                                                            I'm seeing the same issue on Google Chrome with the latest Flash.

                                                                            Even if you are multitasking on another brower and Chrome is sitting there idle, you go back to Chrome and it's frozen.

                                                                            You close Chrome and as you do you see the Flash crash screen in the background.

                                                                            • 35. Re: Large Memory Usage in Flash Player 11.3.300.257
                                                                              jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                                                                              Unfortunately, I'm stuck on the "Connecting" screen of duelingnetwork.  Our corporate firewall is probably blocking some socket traffic or something.


                                                                              What I did notice, is that they have ads in rotation at the top of the page.  It could easily be a poorly-written/malicious ad that was in rotation when you were using the site.  I'm wondering if you are seeing the same issue today.


                                                                              In the meantime, I'm running the duelingnetwork site in a couple tabs on my Win7 x64 machine with Firefox 17 and Flash Player 11.6 (our daily engineering build).   My memory usage is steady at 114MB.  I'll try and keep an eye on it.

                                                                              • 36. Re: Large Memory Usage in Flash Player 11.3.300.257

                                                                                I also have Firefox 17 and Flash Player 11.5 and am experiencing constant memory leak.  FlashPlayerPlugin steadily takes up more and more memory making my computer slower and slower.  Happens most often when I'm playing Facebook games like Chefville or War Commander.

                                                                                • 37. Re: Large Memory Usage in Flash Player 11.3.300.257

                                                                                  I have firfox 17 and 11.5 and the cpu usage and ram sloooooooooooooooows things up so much on any flash app, you tube, google earth in fact any app that uses flash! Noticed recently player cityville on facebook the cpu hit 70% usage and RAM free fell to 450Mb on a 3Gb system memory!


                                                                                  Message was edited by: floobydog

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Large Memory Usage in Flash Player 11.3.300.257

                                                                                    How are you possibly trying to act ignorant of an EXTREMELY WELL KNOWN memory hogging/leak problem? Just about everyone who uses Flash is 100% aware of the issue and the vast majority of those who are not aware are still experiencing the leak, they just tend not to be "computer literate" enough to understand why or investigate. Stop treating everyone who mentions the leak like we are trying to tell someone we just saw a flying saucer! Treating customers as though they are stupid enough to buy into your spiel of not experiencing the issue is very insulting to our collective intelligence.


                                                                                    Why cant you just say "You know, we HAVE nbeen aware of this issue for some time now and are most certainly acting to correect it, however we have sort of run into a wall as far as progress goes, but dont worry, we are still actively looking for a fix." I'd sure as hell be able to deal w the hassle then, but when being lied to and treated like we are inagining the issue gives me a VERY sour taste in my mouth towards any/all Adobe staff/products. I'm assuming this is NOTthe impression you are hoping to instill in your customers......

                                                                                    • 39. Re: Large Memory Usage in Flash Player 11.3.300.257
                                                                                      vladislaus_vii Level 1

                                                                                      I have to agree that ever since flash added control panel from  11.0 onwards it has been a completel shamble. What you fail to understand is the average people using the internet doesn't have a clue about in detail technical support or how don't want to spend long hours trying to go through trial and error technical support any as all they are getting is frustration and no one to listen to what is really ahppening.


                                                                                      Let me try to explain this to you Jeromie Clark , the previous version of flash before version 11.0 was working more than marvellous for everyone it blend welll no need to give a damn about control panel or memory usage all they cared was they go on youtube or any channel first time and it ask them to download flah and they did and that is the last personal contact they had with their flash player so brilliant it waas.


                                                                                      Please pass this message to your board, since everyone rely on flash to watch videos and music on internet, the changes they made to flash after version 11 has all been BIG mistakes one after the other and they keep going in the that same direction again and again making more people frustratng everyday. If your people were actually listening then they would have understand that they are moving in the wrong direction and revert to how it was before.


                                                                                      The issue people are trying to explain to you is , while watching one video online it is not dependent on the site or channel, most user is having an issue where flash suddenly eat all the ram exceeding the amount of ram the browser itself is using up until it render the browser itself  NON-RESPONDING undefinitely which a lot of people has been trying to make you the developpers understand. If you are unable to accept the fact that there is a problem with it and try to revert to how flash was before then the issues and complain will only keep piling up because 90% of sites uses flash and it is causing massive frustration right now between browser developpers and users about the use of flashplayer.


                                                                                      I have given up on what in my opinion is a fine piece of crap by that I mean every flash player after version 11.0 I will ask of you if there is a way where I can have a non control panel flash player version 9. or 10 I can download and use I am really fed up with this situation everyday where I have to CTRL+ ALT+ DEL  then end process from my task manager when my flash player go berserk this should give you an idea how frustrating it is. If you are looking into individual site then you have to go through all video sites then effect is the same. We pay a premium to watch a movie channel and halfway through the movie it stop responding because flash decided to go berserk  and suck all the memory page stop responding we have to CTRL+ALT + Del again then you don't want to watch the movie anymore plain simple this is the experience of a lot of user right now please pass this to your developpers if you can.

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