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      Hello, I'm 15 y/o and was curious if there is any way to get a non commercial liscense. I'm VERY interested in visual effects it's one of the jobs I'm going after for the future. That along with programming ( I'm a C# programmer ). But lately I've found my focus has switched to VFX more so than programming. I've done a lot of work lately ( About a video a day with the CS6 trial [ Which by the way is soooo nice it runs so smooth ]) for example:


      - ( made this for a friend and incase your wondering about the name he actually is legally blind )

      Those are my favorite since I'm rather bad at filming. But for like the past year I've been able to use a friend of my older brothers copy of CS5 ( I don't even know his friends name I'm amazed he let me use it ) but he has been wanting to take it back from what I've heard from my brother. None the less I was curious if there was any way I could maybe get a temporary liscense and attempt to gather money from making commercials for all the small time buisnesses around me or anything I don't want or need a commercial liscense. I just want to be able to continue to work on getting better at VFX so far this summer that's been like all I've been working on and I really want to continue. VFX to me are just a blast and I really want to grow up to get a good job working with them. I have very little money since my mom, dads, and sisters cars all died within the last month and had to all be fixed mixed with many other various problems that aren't going away any time soon from what I can tell. I attempted to make money programming but it's nearly impossible to find any simple freelance jobs for that on craigslist or the general internet since there is ALWAYS someone better than you jumping on the jobs before you can get to them. I know what I'm asking sounds rather bad... but I decided it's worth a shot since I am dead set on VFX and this is really my only option since I want to start young working on VFX so I can be really good when I'm older. I don't care what I have to do to get a liscense I'll do it I just really want to continue working on making my effects better.


      Sorry to bother you,