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    drop down menu

    Jeffrey54 Lane

      Hi I have an harisontal spry bar, and in Firefox and Chrome UK in IE when you go to the more links button the drop down menu opens over the top of an image rotator and as the image start to fade so dose the drop down menu, this as probrsbly been happening for some time but I have only just noticed it, can anyone help please. Thanks Jeff


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          BenPleysier Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I think it better to find a solution here http://www.projectseven.com/support/forums.htm



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            ALsp Level 4

            It seems fine to me in IE9 in stadards mode and in compatibility mode. The menu you are using is an Adobe Spry menu so I'm not sure why anyone on this forum would not want to help you. If anything it is a simple z-index problem - though I cann duplicate it. If you still have problems send us a direct mail or telephone us and I'll try to duplicate your issue and give you a correct solution.



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              BenPleysier Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              As usual, Mr Sparber has come with the correct cause, he knows his products better than I do.


              The menu you are using is an Adobe Spry menu so I'm not sure why anyone on this forum would not want to help you.

              A pity that he did not give you a solution as he is also on this forum.


              The overlay for his product shows a rediculously high z-index value.

              .p7IRM01 .overlay {

                    position: absolute;

                    left: 0px;

                   z-index: 999999;

                    padding: 6px;

                    width: 100%;

                    background-image: url(img/p7IRMDark_transtotal.gif);

                    background-color: transparent;

                    text-align: left;


              The SpryMenuBar shows a modest value

              #MenuBar.MenuBar .SubMenuVisible {/* For Horizontal menubar only */

                  top: 100%;    /* 100% is at the bottom of parent menuItemContainer */

                  left:0px; /* 'left' may need tuning depending upon borders or padding applied to menubar MenuItemContainer or MenuItem,

                                  and your personal taste.

                                  0px will left align the dropdown with the content area of the MenuItemContainer. Assuming you keep the margins 0

                                  on MenuItemContainer and MenuItem on the parent

                                  menubar, making this equal the sum of the MenuItemContainer & MenuItem padding-left will align

                                  the dropdown with the left of the menu item label.*/



              Either increase the value for the menubar or decrease the value for the PVII widget or maybe a bit of both. In the end, the SpryMenuBar should have the higher value.



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                ALsp Level 4

                A rediculously (sic) high z-index it is. We usually try to compensate

                for other scripts folks might use on a page and the overlay class does

                not really need one that high. That value must have gotten overlooked,

                so thanks - we'll change that in the next free update. In any event, the

                user also needs to update to the latest version to ensure optimal

                performance against known Mozilla and Webkit image handling bugs:




                Thanks again, but you really can stop with the subtle digs. You may be

                altruistic by brand, but it would seem your heart is an entirely

                different matter. I'm not your enemy. The poster is free to contact us

                directly for a number of reasons, not the least of which to escape the

                drama that seems to be around when you, me, or my company intersect.


                This forum is still extremely tedious for me to monitor nearly as much

                as you do so I probably should have just not posted once I saw you were

                involved in the thread.



                Al Sparber - PVII


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                  Jeffrey54 Lane Level 1

                  Hi Al I’ve done that and it’s working great thanks mate Jeff