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    quickJog 1.0 - Shuttle/Jog Replacement for Premiere CS6... almost

    JDonAdobeSocial Community Member

      quickJog 1.0 - "fixing what Adobe broke in CS6"

      a shuttle/jog replacement for Premiere/Prelude CS6

      * see below for download links and instructions *



      I'll waste no time in expressing my opinion on this one: I loved the jog control in previous versions of Premiere, and a small part of my heart died when I realised that those beloved controls couldn't be reinstated in CS6 (though an ever larger chunk died when I realised that Q and W don't work by default in Prelude... ).


      JKL is great as a concept, but in practice, not very responsive - it's difficult to make precise jumps in speed quickly, and I'd hate to log footage in CS6 using the JKL keys alone.


      It was whilst reading through a different thread on the forums that I had an idea. Why not just jog with the middle mouse button? REAPER uses a similar idea to great effect for scrubbing.


      And so the journey began.



      Installing/using quickJog




      Glovepie is only available for Windows. The script, therefore, only works on Windows.

      Sorry Mac users.

      To use quickJog, you'll need to download the following:

      • GlovePie, from glovepie.org. Doesn't matter whether you grab the version with or without emotiv support, as long as it's a recent version
      • The quickJog script, from bit.ly/getQuickJog (unreserved thanks go to Creative Inlet Films for hosting this)
      • A mouse with a middle-mouse button/clickable scroll wheel


      You'll also need to ensure:

      • The JKL keys have not been re-mapped in Premiere. This is essential, as quickJog 'presses' the JKL keys to alter the jog speed in Premiere.



      Is currently as simple as...

      1. Start Glovepie
      2. From the File menu, select Open...
      3. Navigate to wherever you unzipped the quickJog script. Open it.
      4. Click the Run button
      5. Click the [ .] button at the end of the menu bar to minimise Glovepie to the system tray


      To shuttle, click on the program monitor, source monitor or trim monitor, and scroll the mouse wheel. This functionality is built-into Premiere. You can hold Shift for bigger jumps.


      To jog, click and hold the middle-mouse button over the source monitor, program monitor, or timeline, and move left or right to increase/decrese the jog speed (just like the old jog slider).

      QuickJog tracks the position of the mouse itself, not the position of your mouse cursor, so don't worry about the cursor touching the edge of your screen.


      Keep your eyes on the video, not the mouse!

      To exit, right-click the glovePie icon, and select Exit.


      quickJog works in Prelude too, which is pretty cool.




      HOW AWESOME WOULD SOME EXTRA BITS OF INFORMATION BE FOR THE WORLD? Like information on how to tweak the configuration variables??


      Pretty awesome, I'd say James. Have you thought about actually writing this section, then?


      Paha! Don't be crass.



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          JDonAdobeSocial Community Member

          Over 1000 views and not one single reply?


          Any and all feedback is welcomed - it keeps me motivated and makes new features appear in things that I'd otherwise have no time for.


          I know silence is golden, but really guys?

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            Jim_Simon Community Member

            I think sometimes it's just better to get used to the new way of doing things, myself.

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              JDonAdobeSocial Community Member

              Depends on the impetus for change.


              Users dictate functionality. Improvements to features like multi-cam editing have been much sought by the community over the years, and Adobe's reponse has generally been excellent. Sometimes those changes have effected a change in workflow, but hey - it's for the better in the long run.



              Posts relating to the removal of jog/shuttle have, however, amassed thousands of views on forums across the web, with most discussion being wholly negative towards the change. Here, the new way isn't for the better.



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                Dave Merchant CommunityModerator

                Agreed - and the customer feedback done before CS6 showed quite categorically that professional users overwhelmingly used the JKL keys or a dedicated hardware device. Any editing suite worth its salt has dedicated keyboards which include a hardware jog/shuttle wheel (e.g. those from Bella Corp), and the standalone Contour Shuttle has been around since 2001.


                Also, generic controllers (Space Pilot) can  fire the JKL keys, no need for any plugins or scripts.

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                  JDonAdobeSocial Community Member

                  I stand humbly informed!


                  In hindsight, I'm not surprised that the JKL keys are a popular choice amongst editors (especially for those who've moved across from other NLEs), but it does rest somewhat uncomfortably in my heart. It feels like Adobe have replaced the pedals and gearstick in my car with a keyboard: not great for those moments when a child runs into the road.


                  The Shuttle Pro (and Bella to my knowledge?) controllers emulate left/right arrow keypresses to do their work, making the playback 'glitchy' during shuttle operations - I don't like that. I didn't particularly like the feel of the Shuttle Pro when I tried it either. I do like controllers like this (I have one), but have been working for some time on interfacing between the Sony 9-pin protocol and Premiere.


                  As such, my intermediate preference has been to use a graphics tablet (with a keyboard) for NLE work - hence why having the jog/shuttle controls on screen was so darn useful! Now that I have quickJog mapped to the stylus eraser, edits are much faster.


                  Quick aside: Huge commendations on just how much can be mapped to keyboard shortcuts in Premiere, huzzah!