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    Does "Version History" Work AT All in CQ5.5 DAM????


      How do I retain version history of  an asset in the DAM AFTER I "replace" that asset with a file of the exact same name and location? In 5.5 replacing a PDF wipes out all version history on that PDF making asset version completely useless. What I'm talking about is a basic function of any WCM. A marketing department may update their PDF file 50 times a year. Those are called different "Versions". They update the PDF outside of the DAM and upload "replace" the old version with a new version. Unfortunately all old versions are wiped out and lost when a replace is done. This leaves me wondering what does Version mean to DAM seems to mean nothing. Documentation claims I'm doing it the right way but it does not work at all, despite what the Day docs claim. Any help? Thx

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          When you upload a file with same name on same folder, It is difficult to find out whether even asset content is same, If I am not wrong you are given warning "Click 'Yes' to replace the asset or 'No' to adjust the name."


          you can however file an enhancement request to retain version of file with same name. I would suggest to use Creative tools (Like Photoshop) to make changes (Through Adobe Bridge) Outside. It give you option to checkin and checkout and manage version as well.



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            chriso847 Level 1

            Here is what the documenation says.


            "Versioning creates a "snapshot" of digital assets at a specific point in time. Versioning allows you to restore assets to previous versions at a later time. For example, if you need to undo a change that you made to an asset, versioning allows you to restore to the correct version of the asset." 

            It goes on to say,


            "Examples of when you might create versions include the following scenarios:


            You upload a file to CQ DAM. For example, if you modify a CQ5 DAM asset externally in another program and upload it through the user interface or WebDAV, CQ5 creates a new version of that asset so your original image is not overwritten.

            You edit the metadata."


            The example they give here in the documenation is "exactly" what I'm trying to do that does not work in CQ5.5. I'm trying to find out if the documenation is correct or if there is a major bug in the product that leaves us with no ability to version files. Versioning files should be one of the first things WCM should do really well. We paid a lot of money for this system I don't feel I should have to keep another file share on windoze somewhere and manually keep track of my versions like file1, file1.1, etc.

            Any help is appreciated. I'm pretty frustrated with lack of functionality in this very expensive product.

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              Sham HC Level 7

              Upload file with same name of an already existing one from "New File" will prompt and after confirmation it overwrites.  That is the current functionality. Since it overwrites    the version is lost.


              In order to achieve your use case to overwrite along with creating a version of old file.  As an alternative please use "Upload Binary" feature in the Asset Editor. Example at [1].  Hope you find it helpful.



              * Open an image in asset editor. Ex:- http://<host>:<port>/damadmin#/content/dam/geometrixx/banners/banner-mono.png

              *   On right bottom of page below renditions you will see upload button. Click on it.

              *   Upload your modified file and give rendition name as original.  Click Ok.

              *   Now the file will be overwritten and version is saved.

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                chriso847 Level 1

                Hi Sham,


                Thanks for this information. The procedure you describe does work, sort of. However there are still some signficant issues around this topic of versioning assests. Here are the problems I see.


                1. The documentation I found is completely wrong about how to version assets.
                2. The process you described, does not allow any opportunity to enter comments into a version that was created through the upload of a new rendition.
                3. Adding to the problem of no comments, the little icon image next to the version number of each version in the Versions tab shows the wrong picture of what the version actuall is.
                4. In what scenario would anyone upload an asset to "replace" an asset of the same name that is already versioned. It seems never since it will wipe out all meta data about that asset, references, versions, comments, etc.


                Can you or someone from Adobe help me understand how to overcome these above issues? Is this a known  bug in 5.5 that will be fixed or this this just really bizarre and klunky behavior around asset versionint that we have to suffer through? Products like TeamSite from Autonomy do this so well and so easily and so intuitively that by comparison this is a real embarressment for Adobe. I asked specifically about this feature when selecting this product and was assured it was able to version assets, not just maintain different renditions.


                Thanks again for your help.

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                  chriso847 Level 1

                  I forgot to mention that the "replace" option never worked in 5.3. But then when we tested 5.4 it did work including maintaining versions of assets after replace. But now in 5.5 it's back to not working again.

                  I think thats why the documentation still says you can replace files in DAM and maintain versions because the docs were just carried over from 5.4 when that used to work.

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                    Sham HC Level 7

                    Could you please file a daycare ticket for tracking it down.