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    Spry Menu Help


      As usual everyone on here is always a big help, so here’s another question that perhaps someone can answer …


      I’m using a horizontal spry menu that consists of four lists items, the first three of which contain a drop down menu.  I’ve align centered the text on the menu (which is what I want), then used the width and margin-left properties in the ul.menubarhorizontal ul li tags to move the drop down menu to the right (which is also what I want). 


      The problem I’m having is I’d like to have the text in the drop down menu aligned right, while keeping the main list items text centered, is this even possible?


      In the link below you can see an example; it’s only the text in the drop down I’d like to have aligned right.




      Thank you.


      P.S. Sorry if I’m asking this question in the wrong forum.