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    Comp empty in AE (dynamic link)

    Glenn Walton Level 1

      I've seena cuople posts on this so it appears the problem exists but cannot find the solution.  Strange is that I've worked this way recently and just experienced this issue. 


      I've cut a short :30 spot in premiere CS6.  I wanted to basically use this base edit to add text and other overlay elements to the spot in AE.  For my purposes, I just prefer to work this way. 


      Bouncing over to After Effects, I use the "Adobe Dynamic Link" then to "import premiere pro sequence" to bring that :30 cut into AE.  It comes in and I see the Premiere sequence icon.  all good.  I can double click this imported premiere pro sequence and see it in my viewer.  However, when I try to bring this sequence into my already created composition with some text elements and other comps that need to be laid in over top it does not show up.  It just doesn't drop into my sequence.  I also tried dragging this imported sequence to the "new comp" icon and it's empty there as well.  I even right click on the imported premiere pro sequence and choose "create new comp from layer" still empty. 


      because I've worked this way and recently I was surprised and thought maybe there was some interferring plug-in or something.  any solutions?

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          Glenn Walton Level 1

          In case anyone comes across this I solved my own issue.  When working in Premiere, I had sent replaced a single clip in Premiere with an after effects comps to do some sky replacement.  So, that comp existed in Premiere as a dynamic link.  after a couple tests with other sequences working within AE as a dynamiclly linked sequence, I simply pulled that one AE comp out of the sequence as it existed in Premiere and then the sequence worked as expected when brought into AE.  as expected, a single instance of an AE comp creates a problematic loop. 

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            THANK YOU!!! Nice job.