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    batch processing a bunch of clips?

    leslie wand Level 2



      i have a couple of dozen interview clips (m2t) which i need to add visual time code to for client apprisal.


      i looked in ame, but saw no ability to do the above. is there any way of doing this other than individually on the timeline and then exporting to mp4?



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          shooternz Level 6

          In the timeline with the Timecode plugin is fast and easy ...but making individual clips will be more tedious.


          I would export a single stream using the individual clips source code.

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            leslie wand Level 2

            thanks shooternz, unfortunately i probably should have added in my original post that i wanted them produced as individual files rather than all off the tl in one hit.


            each interview has to go to the interviewee for release, so obviously i can't send hours and hours of interviews to each interviewee and expect them to find, let alone check theirs (heck, an hour or so is already sending me to sleep;-() -  i had a similar job years ago and used an extension in sony vegas called production assistant which did this sort of thing almost automatically.


            maybe if there's no alternative i'll jump back into vegas for this project.