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    Flash Link Finger Cursor Safari

    kcfi Level 1

      How do I make the finger cursor work in Safari on the link on this page? It does work in FireFox.



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          adninjastrator Level 4

          Works fine in Safari on Windows for me.

          It's just the "Click here..." part that is the link though. So hovering over the other part of the .swf  does nothing (in either Safari or FF).

          You could post the code used for the link if you want, but I doubt that will help much. If it works in FF, (and Safari for me), it'll work in all browsers.

          About the only other thing I can think of is that you have a customized cursor set in Safari, so it's not the fault of Flash, rather it's a custom choice made in the your browser.

          Best wishes,


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            kcfi Level 1

            I think I have it solved. I added a mouse behavior to the action script and that made it work in Safari Mac. For some reason it's not working now, but it was earlier today. It's something to do with the Flash Player I have installed. This is what the script looks like:




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              kcfi Level 1

              I was wrong. It is not working in Safari Mac. I do think it's some problem with Safari and the Flash Player. Can others confirm it does not work in Safari Mac please. I want the cursor to be the finger pointer when mousing over the "click here" text.