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    Check box validation using Javascript

    jagan18 Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      I am using LiveCycle with my form that have multiple sections in the form that have questions that have a check box yes or  check box no next to it.  The user can either choose yes or no. Note: I am not using radio buttons.   I am looking for a Javascript function or code that when clicking a button I have set up as "regular" can check to see if a user selected either check boxes (yes) or check box (no) and validate that in that section the user has answered all question by selecting either yes or no.  Example; Section (1) has (5) questions with a yes or no check box next to each question.  I want to validate that the user selected 5 check boxes for this section (regardless if yes or no was answered for each)  if only 2 out od the 5 questions were answered with either yes or no.  I generate an error message. 


      I already have a function that searches the form and tells me how many manditory text fields have been left blank and throws an error.  I would like the check box function to be the same.  Any help would be appreciated.