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    Problems seeing new components in first template


      I'm new to CQ, and have created my first template.  I've been working on adapting some Geometrixx components to make them my own, but I can see them in neither the Sidekick, nor the in Design Mode's edit option. 


      The component has:

      -dialog node

      -componentGroup set

      -jcr:primaryType as cq:Component


      (which are some things that this forum has shown people to have forgotten.)  I should say that no Components, even defaults, show up in the Sidekick, so there may be more general config issues as well.


      Is it absolutely necessray for each component to have each of these properties and child nodes?


      http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/developing/components.html#Properties%20and%20Child% 20Nodes%20of%20a%20Component



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          Jayatl Level 1

          Assuming there aren't any errors that prevent your component from showing, the visibility of the components in the Sidekick is not automatic.  You have to place the page in "Design" mode, click on "edit" of the container area (like parsys) then select the components you want visible (available) to that section.


          This is done to ensure components that don't make sense in an a section (like a 1080p video in a sidebar) isn't added by thr Author.  Easier to grant component access instead of unchecking 50+.  You have to do this for each container component on the page.

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            CQdev Level 1

            In the first paragraph, I indiated that no component options appear on the Edit option of the Design Mode.  The only visible edition option pertains to the clientcontext.  I will include a picture, for clarity.designMode.PNG

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              CQdev Level 1

              The issue was that the par/parsys node was not correctly placed within the template, and as such, there was nothing to drop components into.  Once that node was there and properly configured, the Design of Par node was editable, and I could enable items to appear in the Sidekick.