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    PS CS6: stroke color picker preview in real time not working

    zarrdave Level 2

      re: NEW color picker stroke color not updating in real time (previewing).


      Is it me or has the stroke color preview been removed in CS6 or is there a setting that needs to be changed to enable it?


      The problem: When I create a shape layer, press enter and then chose a stroke color from the color picker, I select a color but it doesnt update the stroke color until I press enter. I'm sure it used to change in real time as you clicked on the color picker panel before accepting it.


      Any sugestions or ideas as to whats going on or am I going mad?


      Further update: This is when creating a shape but using the new stroke feature in the properties bar at the top (the one which gives you the new fancy options like having a dashed, transparent or gradiented stroke) and not the traditional method of adding it as an effect. This still shows a real time update, but the new method doesnt.