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    Gtx 580 3gb vs gtx 670 2gb


      Hello everybody,


      As the delivery of my Zotac Geforce GTX580 Amp2 http://tweakers.net/pricewatch/281915/zotac-zotac-geforce-gtx-580-amp2.html#tab:info

      got delayed again, I'm looking for an alternative card in the price range of €450,-

      The card will go in my new workstation, which I'll mostly be using for Premiere and After Effects.


      I was wondering, what are the benefits of a gtx 670 over a gtx 580, besides a higher clock?

      And will I be missing the extra 1gb memory of the gtx 580 when going for a gtx 670 with 2gb?

      As I understand, the gtx680 is not a good choice, right?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Advantages of the 680 (€ 500)/670 (€ 400) over the 580:


          Lower energy consumption, runs cooler and quieter, supports 4 monitor setups and is slightly faster for the 680..


          Diasadvantage 2 GB versus 3 GB. This is only a disadvantage if you edit large dimension material, like Red 4K, Epic 5K and comparable. For normal HD resolutions there is no disadvantage. The 4 GB 680 is around € 600.