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    Flex and modules


      I seriously need help with flex and modules.


      How to load them, unload them.


      I read all over the internet and tried so many examples and nothing seam to work.


      Just to say also that I am fairly new to flex.


      I tried using moduleloader and modulemanager but I get the same results.


      Modules do not unload properly and do not get garbaged.


      I need to mention that in the modules I have valueobjects and callresponders to manage data


      I read somewhere that all valueboject and callresponders should need to be placed in the main application but I found no example on how to do this.


      I am wondering if using swfloader to use sub-application instead of modules would be better but I do think I will be able to have as much control and

      communication between main app and modules.


      Is there someone here that successfully managed to create some application with modules and data management.


      Thanks for all your help.

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          Sub-apps have the same issue as modules regarding garbage collection.  You have to make sure there aren’t any references back to the objects in the module and then the module will go away.  The profiler will help you find those references, but it can be painstaking.


          I don’t know about CallResponders, but any value objects being serialized need to be in the main ApplicationDomain.  That shouldn’t matter if you are using XML and parsing yourself, but if you are using RemoteObject or using registerClassAlias then it does matter.

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            gfbaggio9 Level 1

            Would you share some examples on how to include remoteobject in the main APP and use them in the modules.