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    include column REFRESH_PARENT rather than REFRESH_PAGE




      I modified the editListenerConfig of my column control component to add it faster.
      In _cq_listeners node , I change the property afterinsert REFRESH_PAGE in REFRESH_PARENT


      For most pages that's works, but for example, with the main page of "geometrixx outdoor" website, the page is refresh in totality, and without finish her refresh. So nothing appears in the screen.

      And after a new refresh of the page, all appears normally.


      Firebug return me that's error on the first refresh :


      ct is null

      ct.dom.insertBefore(this.el.dom, position);        Component.js (ligne 1256)

      this.getContentWindow().CQ is undefined


           var info = this.getContentWindow().CQ.utils.WCM.pageInfos[path];    WCM.js (ligne 1723)



      How is it possible to solve this problem ?




      Mathieu BELLETRE