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    loading/unloading xml data as2

      I am working on an AS2 file and loading multiple flvs into an flv player through xml files. But I am facing the below problem.

      I want to load multiple xml files into the same list (container), linked through buttons.

      Each xml file has different number of flvs. Now when I load one xml file with 10 flvs and then load 5 flvs through the other list, I can still see 10 flvs in the list instead of 5 new flvs. The list retains the previous bottom 5 flvs and the replaces the top 5 with new flvs. I am not a developer, but do know basic AS2 and AS3.

      Any help will be appreciated.

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          I have the same problem, I'm using one combo box to load XML Data which gets updated through a php save. Unfortunately when I refresh the data in the comboBox I just get a duplicate list appended to the current data. I even tried 'myComboBox_cb.removeAll()' before the list gets refreshed, which sadly just loads the old list (but at least it doesn't duplicate and append).
          When I reload the application, the list loads the updated data.
          It seems like the data is stuck in memory and needs to be flushed.
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            aahuja Level 1
            found an easy solution:
            If you are loading the 'data' in a movieclip then you can try to attach the container/mc every time you get a new xml list, and then remove/unload it just before insertng a new set, worked like a charm removing the extra bits!

            Thanks to my saviour!