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    Can't use the rotobrush tool because of an error message

    bigjaws Level 1



      I have after effects cs6 updated (I just did the update today)

      I tried to use for the first time of my life the rotobrush tool. Everytime I try, it's not working because an error message appears:
      "After effects warning: A problem occurred when processing OpenGL commands."


      I read a lot on the internet and they said to update windows, after effects, video card drivers, which I have already did before this problem. I also have tried to disable OpenGL to see if the problem really is this file, but I searched for hours on the preferences and I don't find where I can disable it. Everything works perfectly, just the rotobrush tool has a problem (I don't know if there's another effect that has a problem because I didn't use all the millions of effects).


      I think I need to disable it, but it'd be very sad because it really accelerates my work. Can you tell me how to repair this problem by not disabling OpenGL?

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          davidlondon Level 1

          I don't think it's a rotobrush issue. I'm having the same problems and I'm using updated effects (Trapcode) and native effects over a single layer of video. I can't work in that file now at all. I'd love it if someone could tell us how to disable OpenGL in AE CS6.

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            bigjaws Level 1

            I'm sure it's not from the rotobrush tool, but I don't understand why I have problems only with it. I could disable it while using the rotobrush. Can you tell me how to disable it?

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              bigjaws Level 1

              Thank you very much adobe experts for ignoring me and not wanting to answer. I'm still searching on the internet, and it looks like I'm the only one having those problems. I really want the rotobrush tool, because it saves a lot of time. PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEE answer. I'm tired of waiting.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Open GL issues appear most often on Windows machines. Sometimes they appear on Macs. Turn off Open GL in your preferences. Turn open GL off in your Composition window.


                If that doesn't do it, tell us about your machine, your OS, your GPU (display adaptor) and maybe we'll have other ideas. It's hard to offer any better advice when all we know is that you have a problem.

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                  bigjaws Level 1

                  This is what I'm searching: I don't know how to turn it off. I searched all the preferences and I don't find an option "turn openGL off", so I don't know where it is. After doing that, I'll be able to find out if this is really the problem. I have made many tests, and it looks like this error comes when I do a very big job (example: importing a 1 Gb video and tracking it). I don't understand why, as my computer is windows 7 64 bit SP1, 6 Go of RAM, 1 To of hard drive, and external hard drive of 1 To, 4 cores in the processor (2.8 GHz I think) with an ATI 5570 1 Go graphic card and a creative x-fi sound blaster audio card. I have also boosted it with game booster to see if it's because my computer crashes, but the problem continues even with game booster. Every now and then, I clean and defrag my computer, and I have recently formatted it, so it is new. I don't understand why after effects crashes when this error comes, as my computer is not incredible, but still has power. I really want to disable openGL to see if this is the cause of all my problems. Please tell me step by step how to disable it, because I don't know where it is in the preferences (as I said before, I have after effects cs6)

                  I don't know if this can help you, but I had cs5.5 before and everything was perfect.

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                    Wesley_H Level 1

                    I had this problem as well. I installed CS6 and imported a CS5 .ae project. After upgrading the project file it started giving me the dreaded "a problem occurred when processing openGL commands" 10 times a second. After exploring every option:


                    - You can't turn off openGL in CS6, or toggle any options

                    - I turned off the openGL in the original CS5 project and reimported it

                    - Searched through any render options, but I'm on a MBP and don't have an option to use the new ray tracing option


                    None of it worked. What did work was finding and deactivating/removing a plug-in from the CS5 project file and reimporting it into CS6. For me the plug-in was GBS Deflicker. I don't know if it was a problem with that specific program, but I suspect it was because I had deleted the plug-in from the AE plug-ins folder but forgot to remove it from the comp I had put it on. After deleting the effect from the comp (it was a Timelapse of a sunrise), saving it and reimporting it to CS6 everything has been working fine.