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    Disappearing context aware tool bar

    PurplePlumUK Level 1

      Where do I report a bug?


      I've assigned InDesign to a 'Desktop' formerly called 'Space'. Mac Lion 10.7.4 Done via the InDesign icon in the dock. Right click the icon > Options > Assign to: Desktop 2,3, whatever.


      So I've bobbed out of InDesign into Firefox or Mail on a different desktop. When I click the InDesign icon in the Dock to return to InDesign, the screen slides to the space ok, but InDesign appears without the top context aware tool/attributes bar... not sure what it's called but the one immediately below the 'ID' bar in the default 'Essentials' workspace. Blimey, takes some explaining doesn't it. Anyway it's missing - there's a gap across the top of the screen below the 'ID' bar. If I slide (4 finger gesture) to the default desktop, there the missing bar is for the briefest moment!!!! Clearly while the main app is happy to reside in the Desktop/space... the toolbar gets mightly confused.


      If I cmd+tab between applications, it also does it (though I'm not sure it's consistent), but if I use the gesture to move from desktop/space to InDesign Desktop, it seems fine (though I've not tested this rigorously).


      InDesign CS6