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    Troubleshooting performance

    paulinventome Level 1

      I'm wondering if i can get some advice on how to troubleshoot performance. I've just built a nice i7 32GB workstation, Win 7x64, i have an older 285GTX card in, arrays, SSD etc,.


      However in Premiere doing a media encode, the CPU is barely at 25%, the GPU is at 20% the disc access is really not that high. So why am i not getting a much higher throughput?


      Obviously there's a bottleneck somewhere but i'm wondering whether someone could advise how to find it.


      Advice greatly received...




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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Start by running the PPBM5 Benchmark , submit your results and then see how your system performs in comparison to comparable systems.

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            JEShort01 Level 4

            Sounds to me like it could be something in your project is single-threaded (using 1 core of CPU, not all cores simultaneously). Magic Bullet filters and possibly certain Adobe effects too.


            Tell us more about the details of this project?


            Also, have you set up MPE properly for the GTX 285?



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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              Paul, without details it sounds like you may have a disk bottleneck.  What is your disk setup?  As Harm said run our PPBM5 benchmark.  What version is your Premiere?  How much memory?


              In a personal benchmark that I am using (AVCHD to MPEG2-DVD with lots of heavy GPU accelerated effects and options) my GTX 285 scores 30 seconds encode time and my GTX 680 scores 18 seconds.  With this same test but using CPU only it takes 260 seconds to encode and this is with a well overclocked hex core CPU

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                paulinventome Level 1

                Yes, i thought it was multiprocessor set up in AE because there are some dynamic linked comps and it's a fresh install of win and CS6 and i hadn't checked the multicpu box. Having said that it didn't make any difference. Something in there is locking it so it's a case of turning things off until i find it. There are MB Looks but i've not had any issues with CS5 and that. I thought it distributed frames to cores so that it was all single threaded on one core?


                The disks are okay, my scratch is a simple RAID0 but never had issues before


                The PPBMS benchmark is a good idea though, i can compare with that too


                thanks, will keep you posted.