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    How can I find tables in a PDF document?

    eric scoles Level 1

      When I fun a full accessibility check, it tells me that I have problems with some tables in the document. The current error that concerns me is this:


      "(g) 6 Table element(s) with no TH child elements."


      The document originally contained a number of tables. I examined them all for possible offenses, but couldn't find anything wrong.


      So I deleted the pages containing the tables, and I still get the error.


      There are no other tables in the document, at least that I'm able to see. And if I scan sub-ranges (e.g., 1-17, 18-33), the scan comes back clean for tables. So I'm forced to conclude that the tables aren't actually part of any page. 


      Hence the question: how can I find the offending tables and remove them?