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    Long Image Loading Times From LR to CS6?

    jasdelta Level 1

      Hello Folks,


      I seem to be experiencing very long image loading times when loading an image into CS6 from LR4.

      When I right click an image in LR4 and select edit-in CS6, CS6 immediately starts up, and loads. But after CS6 is fully up on my screen, I get

      a spinning ball first, then spinning white/grey circles, until my selected image appears within CS6.


      I am operatinng with an iMac 27 2.8G with 8G of memory and using SL 10.6.8 I have about 300G of free space on my HDD.


      Any ideas or suggestion or settings in CS6 I might need to look at would be appreciated.


      I never experienced this issue as I recall in CS5.