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    Fraction replacement

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      Im not sure if I need a scripted solution but probably better to ask here first… So here goes… I have a catalogue coming up for this years updating and the client wants a few changes one of which is an increase of point size nothing drastic… Its all done with styles so some oversetting to handle not a problem. Where I could do with some guidance is fractions… The job as is was converted from Quark 2 years ago and done using postscript font… What I would like to do is swap this in favor of opentype… That should go OK I hope… While I am able to adjust my character styles it is not working with the fractions ( in Q there was a make fraction that did a 50% size and base line shift ) What Im looking for is to find all fractions down to 1/8's and replace with opentype glyphs… does this sound doable? Anyone already been there done it? Will I need script or will the GREP F&C in the GUI do this? TVM