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    more efficient script launching

    hilukasz Newcomer

      Looking for a more efficient way to launch scripts in Illustrator, Photoshop has the edge with configurator, and wish that Illustrator would have something similar. Am curious what everyones workflow is for launching scripts effectively. I also remember that there was some way of running scripts as pluggins, not sure if this is possible in illustrator?

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          CarlosCanto Ninja

          there's nothing more efficient than a keyboard shortcut...ok, maybe a toolbar button would be equally efficient.

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            Muppet Mark Rockstar

            Not 100% as I've never tried… I think the case is only plug-ins are allowed to create/have menu items on the GUI of PS & AI… ID & Acrobat script can add them. And even plugins are restricted to as to where they can add munu items… Can you call a script from plug-in or hack around this I don't know that stuffs above me… For me the lauching is incidental if the script is effective you are going to make a short journey ( even for a mouse ) to execute…?

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              CarlosCanto Ninja

              Hi Mark, correct, a short mouse trip across the screen is ok. I could even live with a dedicated Script menu, but submenus are overkill, I can't stand File->Scripts->myScript, that is too much for me.


              but it really depends on how often we access those scripts and how big of time saver the script is.

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                Muppet Mark Rockstar

                Carlos, have you tried Harb's Script Bay it a full on app extension ( instal and load in munubar/window/extensions ) That will give you a proper palette does all the docking snapping etc.


                I did ask about shortcuts as a feature request due to AI's limitations… A pic would that keep you happy…? Its free…


                Screen shot 2012-06-23 at 08.35.14.png