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    Inserting "if then" code for images


      Hi All,


      I am wanting to do some email marketing and customizing the email to particutlar individuals. ie a female would get a certain image and a male a different one, as well as I have multipule locations that I would like to put their particular store address on.


      I am using an Access Database.


      Feilds are set up with 1's, 2's depending on gender.


      What coding would I use?


      Thanks in advance



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          How are you getting the information from this database into ID?


          You probably want to do the logic on the database end. For exmple if you are saving a .csv file from the database, use the if statement to populate a field with the path to one or the other image. Data Merge can use that path info to place an image, and I would expect that xml or one of the catalog plugins could be setup to do the same.