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    Problem rendering 3D animation to video

    carolgunn Level 1

      Trying to render a small but high quality version of a 3-second 3D animation to video (using QuickTime, Medium Animation quality) in CS6, running OSX.7.4. On the Ray-Traced Draft setting, it renders to video just fine. But on the Ray-Traced Final setting, less than 1 second renders, then I get "Could not complete your request because of a program error". A partial video file is created where I see my animated object, originally very colorful, has now turned solid black. When i go back to my PSD file after this error, I see my colorful object, but when I hit Play, the object appears black. It is not a hardware or RAM issue. I've troubleshot this problem down to this file, and further, to this one object in this file (it renders fine when i delete the object.) The object is a 3D postcard made from an imported layer that measures 1920 x 720 pixels at 72 ppi. I have deleted it, reimported the original art and recreated the 3D postcard with slightly different movement--same thing. Is the movement too extreme? Would more keyframes help? I have 3 keyframes on the 3D Scene Position timeline which (3 seconds at 15 fps)--the starting position which is out of the frame, then it moves it to the center keyframe where it rotates 60° to fill the width of the document at the final keyframe. Any help would be greatly appreciated!