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    Deactivate Adobe ID ~ create new Adobe ID




      I have to reformat my Color Nook, however, my Nook email address & my Adobe ID don't match. My solution to this is to uninstall & reinstall ADE, get a new Adobe ID & then reformat my Nook.I feel this will clean up two problems at once - my reformatting & errors & unnecessary files that I have on my Nook &/or in ADE. I have a few books though that I bought through non-BN sites that are no longer available on those sites. If I manually remove these books from my ADE, save them in a file on my PC, uninstall & reinstall ADE on my pc, can put them back into the new ADE under my new ID? I would like to save them, if possible. I originally bought/received them on a pc I still have but I use a laptop more often now. Do you think I will need to transfer them from the desktop so ADE knows that they are "mine"?


      Does anyone have any ideas here? Any input or suggestions will be appreciated!

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          You can switch between Adobe ID's in ADE, so you may not need to reinstall

          (which can screw everything up, because unless you remove certain files,

          ADE will use them, rather than recreate them.  That's both a benefit and a

          handicap, depending on what you're trying to do.  Just deauthorize the

          computer with the CtlShiftD key sequence, and then go to Library view,

          click on the small arrow next to the word 'Library', and pick 'Authorize

          Computer' from the drop-down menu that will appear.  Try it first, to see

          if it will do what you think you need to do.

          Now for the bad news.  The way ADE works is to associate whatever ebooks

          you download with the ID in use at the time (you can get a good

          understanding of this from ADE Help - F1 key from Library or Reading

          view).  So, you cannot access ebooks you downloaded under one Adobe ID from

          another Adobe ID.  That's part of the implementation of digital rights -

          DRM for short.


          You can transfer files from one PC to another.  That's covered also in the

          Help files.  Just remember that the ID's must be the same ones....



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            If I have to keep the same ID in order to keep those books, is there are easy way to delete stuff off of ADE? When I downloaded some of the books originally, I did not have a Nook so I got them in PDF. Now that I have a Nook, I'd rather get them as an epub.

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              You can delete them from ADE if you can see them in ADE (which means that

              you're using the ID you had when you downloaded them).  In Library mode,

              you can click on the arrow next to the name of the ebook, and the drop-down

              menu will give you a choice to delete them.


              This is one at a time - sorry!