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    Help with loading dynamic variables

      I have a movie that shows a map of the UK, all my customers are represented as a small triangle(button symbol)
      when a customer is clicked I loadvariables from an ASP page that queries a db only for that customer and show them on the next frame these are the customers name, address etc about 20 variables then the "showvaribles frame" has a close button which puts me back to the begining of the movie,works great

      What happens when I chose another customer, will they variables conflict ie 2 sets of var1?
      can i unload the variables? that would be best
      can I use var1 to 10 on one customer and 100 to 110 on another ? thats gonna be messy

      any help appriciated
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          if new variable values are loaded, the previous ones will be over-written so you'll have no problem. however, if some (or all) the previous variables are not over-written, you'll present erroneous data.

          for example, you may have a cell-phone number in your database for customer1 and no cell-phone number for customer2. when you load and veiw data for customer1, all's well. if you then load data for customer2, the cell-phone number for customer1 will be presented.

          to remedy, initialize all your variables each time your on frame one. or, even better, use oadvars instances and re-initialize your receiving and sending loadvars before submitting your db query.