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    Odd "Blank" or "black" screen in apps


      I play galaxy online 2.  go2.igg.com


      Because I don't like crashes, I like to play on Firefox 3.6.6 with Flash 10.1.


      At any rate, I did some install and reinstall work for Flash to figure out which version worked best.  So I did multiple installs / uninstalls using Adobe's uninstall special program. 


      And it all ran beautifully with Multifox.


      About a week ago, Mozilla decided to update to Firefox 13 without prompting me.  (oops... forgot to change that setting.) 


      Now, the go2 app simply displays as a blank or black box.  Which is fascinating.  You have to click to log in (integrates with facebook)... and the little pop up comes up as normal.  But the display remains simply dark. 


      This occurs in Mozilla and IE regardless of Flash version. 


      I have tried


      (1) deleting





      (2) updating my video drivers


      (3) turning off hardware acceleration


      (4) increasing the download space for the app to 10MB in flash settings.


      (5) uninstalling/reinstalling flash and mozilla / various version permutations



      Any ideas on what I could try short of a reinstall?


      Running XP/SP3 2 meg ram 9800 GT video card.