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    Long Crawl, or Roll Title

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      Do you need a long Rolling, or Crawling Title? Well, Premiere’s Titler (both PrElements and PrPro) can do that, but when one gets much beyond the Frame Size dimensions of the Project’s/Sequence’s Frame Size, editing can get difficult.


      I find that creating such, is much better in Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements. Since Premiere can handle large Still Images (PrE has increased the maximum from 4096 x 4096 pixels, so that PrE 11 and later, and  PrPro CS 5 and higher, can handle much larger images, one can get a lot of pixels in such a Title, and especially if the Crop to just what they need in one dimension. Here are the steps that I use, and in this example, I will use a 1920 x 1080 Project/Sequence Frame Size.


      1. In Photoshop, open a New Image, and use the drop-down to choose HD 1920 x 1080 w/ Guides and a Transparent Background, for this example. Choose the Frame Size of YOUR Project..
      2. Depending on whether you need a Roll, or a Crawl, go to Image>Canvas Size and increase either the bottom, or the side, by the number of pixels, that will be needed for the Text. Note that Canvas Size allows one to increase the Canvas Size in any of 8 directions, so give this some thought, and choose the area, that you need to increase.
      3. Choose the Type Tool (for Video, I would set a bold, san-serif font), and begin typing your Text.
      4. Keep your Type within the Title Safe Area (width for a Roll), though for a Crawl, you are only placing the Baseline within the vertical area of the Title Safe Area.
      5. Type your Text, or Paste it in, from a word processing document.
      6. When done, if you have a Roll, Crop to just to the left and right of that Text, as it extends up and down, and for a Crawl, just above and below the Text. You do not need many pixels to the left and right of a Roll, or above and below a Crawl. The fewer extra pixles, the taller, or longer, your Title can be.
      7. Save_As a PSD, to maintain the Transparency.
      8. In Premiere, Import the PSD, and make sure that Scale to Default Frame Size is turned OFF..
      9. Drag it to a Video Track above your Video, or graphic.
      10. Go to the first Frame of that PSD.
      11. Here, things differ, whether you have PrE, or PrPro, as they have slightly different steps for Keyframing the Fixed Effect>Motion>Position.
      12. In PrE, with the PSD Selected, go to Effects Tab, and then Edit Effects. That will open its version of the Effects Control Panel. Fixed Effects (same in PrE, or PrPro) are automatically added to each Clip, or Still Image.
      13. In PrPro, with the PSD Selected, go to the Effects Control Panel.
      14. Toggle animation of the Fixed Effect>Motin>Position ON, and that will add a Keyframe to the first Frame.
      15. Now, you need to adjust the Motion>Position of that first Frame. I like to click the X axis number, and type in a number, to move the PSD off-frame left, or right, for a Crawl, and the Y axis to move the PSD off-frame up, or down, for a Roll. When done, you can click-scrub to fine tune. You only need to get the Text off-screen by a few pixels.
      16. Then, go to the end of the PSD, and add a Keyframe to Motion>Positon, adjusting the necessary axis, per above, but to go off-frame in the opposite direction.


      That will allow one to animate the Roll, or Crawl, and by Cropping the PSD in PS, or PSE, you can extend the number of pixels to allow for very long Crawls, or Rolls. For Crawls, I have made them 14,000 pixels wide, and Cropped to about 130 pixels high. For Rolls, I have made those about 6.000 pixels tall, cropped into the left and right of my Text.




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