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    How to know which clips have not been used




      I am a noob at this, but getting the hand of it. Here is my question: I started with about 20 video files(2h of footage). From all those files, I created about 60 "subclips" that have neatly been organized in a bin. Then I lined all 60 clips one by one. However, I accidently deleted one of those clips in the middle (and can't undo because it was a while ago) and I don't know which clip is was.


      What I would to do is select the bin with the 60 subclips, and identify which one (maybe more than one actually) have NOT been inserted in my sequence. Is there a way to do so? Similar to Excel when you select a formula and it tells you which cells was dependants, could I select my sequence and it tells me which clips are "dependant"? Any other suggestions?