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    Problem in saving document to pdf on MAC

    Bhaashu Level 1

      How can I save Indesign document as pdf using File.saveDialog.
      I am using this jsx:::


      function jsxFunction()


                var appName;

                if(app.name == undefined)


                          // JavaScript only apps

                          appName = app.appName;




                          // ExtendScript enabled apps

                          appName = app.name;



                //your JSX code here

           var xml = '<object>';

                xml += '<property id="success"><true/></property>';

                xml += '</object>';

                return xml;


      function saveForDirectory()


          var folder= File.saveDialog ('Select a directory', 'pdf') ;


          return folder;




      But how to implement this code in my flex code?
      Can anyone help me?

      Thanks in advance.