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    Premiere Pro CS6 won't start


      Premiere Pro CS6 won't start - After the opening splash screen, a full window opens up with the menu bar at the top, but the rest of the window white for about a second.  Then the window closes.  No error messages are seen.  Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel 2600, 13 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 570.  All updates installed to Windows, NVIDIA, Adobe products (Premiere 6.0.1).  Have tried reboots and reinstalls, and running in Admin mode.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          This is a likely a memory problem. 13 GB is very weird. 8, 16 or 32 GB is normal for such a platform.

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            gsasaki Level 1

            Memory is not the issue.  Does the same if configured with just 8 GB

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              OK, you mention that you have updated the nVidia driver. Did you download and install from the nVidia Web site, or let the OS, or some utility, tell you that you had the latest?


              If you did download and install the latest nVidia driver for your card and OS, you might try rolling-back to the previous driver, and testing. I always try to keep a few older nVidia drivers handy, just in case I need to roll-back.


              Have you installed any new software, or hardware?


              Did PrPro once launch, but now it does not, or has it never launched?


              Good luck,



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                gsasaki Level 1

                1) NVIDIA update was done via the NVIDIA Control Panel (have tried 3 versions, including latest Beta driver)

                2) Problem exists with current and previous NVIDIA drivers

                3) No other software or hardware installed - P-Pro was just installed yesterday, along with Encore and Media Encoder that installs at the same time

                4) P-Pro never launched successfully

                5) The software did register successfully on Adobe's site (in other words, my license shows properly on their website).

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                  gsasaki Level 1

                  Updates - tried the following, but Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.0 and 6.0.1) still doesn't open:

                  1)  I had CS3 Production Suite components in the PC, but have now uninstalled all of CS3, followed by another re-install of CS6

                  2)  Did a Windows Registry cleanup, using a utility to fix Registry errors

                  3)  Installed more memory (now at 16GB).  Interestingly, this time got a Windows originated message that says CS6 has stopped working, saying that it would look for a solution (this is their typical sequence for some issues).  No solution was found and so the window for P-Pro closed.  Tried to open up P-Pro again and this time no Window message (window just closed after initial splash screen and white/blank window opened).

                  4) Did virus scan. Just found tracking cookies, and they were removed.

                  5) Uninstalled NCH VideoPad app that I was evaluating for other purposes.

                  6) Updated EVGA control panel (for NVIDIA GeForce 570), all settings are at default.

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                    Tester543 Adobe Employee

                    When you mentioned that you tried 6.0.0 and 6.0.1 how did you update to 6.0.1?  Did you execute the patcher on the 6.0 build or did you execute the updater from another application?  Have you removed the Premiere Pro preferences (or alternatively log in as a user that did not have CS3 launched from that account).

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                      gsasaki Level 1

                      I used Bridge to launch the update for Premiere Pro.


                      I have removed all directories in the users/username/appdata/roaming/adobe/Premiere Pro directory.  I have removed the Pref file, too (which was in the 6.0 subdirectory).  I then rebooted the PC and still have the same problem.


                      Subsequently, I also tried opening Premiere Pro by pressing Alt+Shift and clicking on Premiere Pro in the Start menu.  This is to check to see if any plugins were interfering.  Program still did not open.




                      CS3 license has not been deactivated for my PC (they are still listed on the Adobe "My products" webpage), but I did remove all CS3 applications. 


                      (However, I still have CS3 components on my notebook PC.  I have installed CS6 Photoshop there so far, but not Premiere Pro.  I mention this only because I may keep some CS3 components on the notebook PC because it is running WIN32 and is a slower machine)

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                        gsasaki Level 1

                        Problem Solved (with help from Adobe folks)


                        There was a bogus file called "Adobe" (file size was 0) in the "My Documents" directory.  Windows was not able to create a directory and file that it wanted to create (C:\Users\name\Documents\Adobe\Premiere Pro\6.0\Layouts\WorkspaceConfig.xml),  Deleting the bogus "Adobe" file cleared up the problem and Premiere Pro now opens properly.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Interesting. Thank you for reporting your "cause," and your "fix." I do not recall reading of this before, but will file it away, should I run across it in the future.


                          Appreciated, and good luck,



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                            Adobe folks are great