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    Keyframing Turbulent Displacement On and Off

    JesseHarris Level 1

      I am running OSX 10.6.4 and AE 5.5


      I have logo animation I'm working one and have chosen to use Turbulent Displacement to distort and 'grow' a leaf as it swings into frame.  As soon as I start to adjust the Effect it is applied, which is just fine as the leaf is out of frame, however I need the leaf to finish in it's proper shape as part of the logo at the end - with no TD.  I have an Adjustment Layer with the Effect on it and I can change the Opacity to 0 but there's a slight visible dissolve I'd prefer not to see.


      Is there a similar effect which I can "zero" out with keyframes to allow the proper logo shape to be displayed?


      Or is there a control in Turbulent Displacement I'm missing to remove/turn off the effect when desired?  Or better still, how do I "ramp" the effect to the objects original shape/state??


      Thanks very much!