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    Photoshop clipping mask and fill in Fireworks

    Tomas... Level 1

      Hi, I am html/css coder and I am using Fireworks as image editor. Once I receive design in psd files and open it with Fireworks, every place where designer was using in Photoshop clipping mask and/or fill, Fireworks it shows incorrectly. Is where any trick to make Photoshop clipping mask and fill to work correctly in Fireworks? Thanks

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          groove25 Level 4

          Clipping masks are not a feature of Fireworks, unfortunately. The only trick I can think to suggest is to choose "Maintain Photoshop Layer Appearance" (instead of "Maintain Layer Editiability Over Appearance") when opening the file in Fireworks. Even then, you might need to modify the blend modes of clipped layers to restore their correct appearance.

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            groove25 Level 4

            Something else I've noticed: If you choose the "Maintain Layer Editability" option, Fireworks still sometimes chokes on the clipping mask, omitting important layers. To prevent this, and to preserve all the original Photoshop layers, try ungrouping the clipping mask inside Photoshop and re-saving the file before opening it up in Fireworks.


            Simple clipping masks can be recreated in Fireworks by applying the bottom object as a mask to the objects above—for example, copying the bottom object and using the Paste As Mask command—choosing the "Alpha channel" or "Path outline" mask rendering option (i.e. not "Grayscale"). Depending on the objects involved, differences in rendering or blending between Photoshop and Fireworks may result in differences in appearance between the two versions. In that case, you might need to choose the "Maintain Photoshop Layer Appearance" option instead.